Just rejoined vainglory

So ive rejoined vainglory after a 8 month break…
Anyone kind enough to give me a quick guide on any major reworks or the new 5v5 meta

8 months is a long time. Too many changes to go through.

I can only say the 5v5 meta is usually CP mage mid or WP range mid. WP bot or Tank. Tank Top lane or CP top. I would be playing casuals for the time being. Just remember to indicate your role and have fun.

Please spend time researching videos and reading posts. it would be much more helpful than a “quick guide”.

if there is there any specific questions after all your research, please ask~!

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A good team usually has two captains. One in top lane as a tank/support like cath Ardan Adagio and one regular captain.

Bot lane wp bruisers and wp ranged heroes.

Mid is played by CP mages in most cases unless bot is CP then mid can be WP.

Hold your lane, stay safe.

When the dragons appear more teamfights will happen. Either stop enemy from taking dragon, take dragon yourself or kill a turret. Farming for the sake of farming is a no go mid game and can only be done while moving toward a target.

Check out Excoundrel and DNZio on youtube they have some really helpful vids