Just one thing I want SEMC to do

SEMC, I hope you guys actually take some time to come to this website and read this post. If you did, please do this one thing:
You guys don’t ever listen to your damn playerbase. You just think that you are good and the opinion of “these scrubs that play our game” are worthless. You literally close yourselves to the entire playerbase by shutting down the official forums. Then, we tried to contact you via Gmail and you let other people do that shit? So many great ideas have been wasted. Hero ideas, new features’ ideas,… all have been wasted. And as all the normal gaming companies that don’t listen to their playerbase do, you did stupid shit. People said: “The Talents are P2W”, you keep it the same. People said: “The blueprint system and the new UI sucks balls”, nope, we are still gonna impliment that into the game. People said: “The matchmaker is shitty and trolls are everywhere.” Yeah we do hear you crying but we are here happily playing our own game so we won’t do anything. And what is the consequence of that? People leaving the game, their passion for the game has deteriorated, the game is dying. Just for God’s sake, LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY.


Thank you for your input, we will be sure to pass it on to the devs :slight_smile:



Whenever I Gmail them they are like: “Thanks for the input Jeff.”

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To be fair I can if your balance change / hero ideas are anything to go by then I’d be ignoring your emails as well.

Just remember you don’t represent the community, your representing yourself.

Having said that some of your concerns are legitimate, but if you think they don’t know talents are PTW you’re kidding yourself, this isn’t part of game development, it’s a request from finance bro.

Games can make money from many ways. Mostly cosmetics. I’d prefer like this: change the skin system back to the old one and make 50% of the skins of each hero borderline ungrindable. Then make them purchasable by ICE. Also, change the Talent system into my next thread I’ll post a few hours later

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