Just gotta vent rq

Players that throw games because of someone else committing the crime of taking a single wave (Especially if it’s to push lane to take turret) should delete the game and never play another MOBA ever again. They’re scum.

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You shouldn’t be stealing the other player’s farm even if it’s to push unless he is dead and won’t come back for a long time. That can destroy the wave management and if he is farming under turret it means he will be losing a lot more farm as he needs minions to be near his turret. This does not justify throwing.

He was dead and was still not spawned in when he pinged me and announced he was gonna throw. I already know not to take cs if I can help it, but what pisses me off even more are players that throw if you accidentally take a single cs. It’s very immature and I am always baffled how there are still players like that in t10.


There will always be player like that, they think they are the best and you should praise them.

We were doing very well too. Probably would have won if he did not throw

I’ve got a lot of matches like that. I know how it feels. The only thing you can do is move one, who knows, you may face him the next match (and then you should enter tryhard mode to make him question his life :rage:)

or have him in you team for the next 6 matches (happened to me too, wasn’t funny).

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I don’t like dodging, but if I see anyone that regularly does stuff like that I feel obligated to do so to maintain my sanity

What do you think I did the 6th match? I know dodging is bad, but c’mon, that’s not normal.

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I mentioned before a mid laner start trolling from the first minute of the game because the jungler took the crystal buff , he teleported home and stayed in base spamming teleport .

Trolling because of a normal rotation lmao. Imagine being that petty. Did the mid laner even let him know he wanted it?

“The lane farm belongs to the laner and the laner only”, Vainglory is the only moba where this is a rule in any other moba its very natural for the jungler to push the lane when the situation is right. There are many situations where pushing the lane is the correct call regardless of who is taking the cs besides the laner being dead. Obviously there are also situations when pushing a wave is just harmful but laners in Vainglory literally freakout for no reason when someone pushes their wave.

Agree. I personally only complain when I’m forced to freeze lane and someone decides to push, making me lose 2 more waves waiting for them to come near the turret. What I hate is when someone every time they come to lane they steal everything, that’s frustrating, I can accept 1, 2 waves, but when it’s already the 7th time I think it’s time to stop, specially when I’m using a gold hungry hero like baron.

Yeah, when I tried to push we got 2 kills at top, so it was a prime time to take the turret too.

That’s not something I could know from the first post :confused:

Yeah it was something I forgot to mention lol

I think this mentality carried over from 3v3 where there was almost never a reason for the jungler to take cs.

edit: that said I have been flamed in LoL for pushing another laners wave in LoL even though it was the right thing to do for the team.


Nope , I think him helping the jungler is enough to say Iam taking the crystal buff , so I think he trolled because he consider it a waste of time to play the game with a jungler doesn’t know how important to give the crystal buff to the mid laner , and he was playing cp vox Iam not sure if it’s good for vox to take the crystal buff over the jungler or even if it benefits him early game .

It can be annoying sometimes, but it is not a good reason at all, especially in the early game, to throw a match (Nor is any reason. Just don’t do it). Vox is really good with CP buff rn cause of his range buf and it will allow him to trade FAR easier and get out of those trades with far more health than if he did not have the buff

I think also part of the reason why people are willing to throw games for really petty reasons is because how pointless ranking is in general and how easy it is to get away with it.

If only people got rewards for other tiers other than the contender skin for the average playerbase to make ranking more meaningful (Borders :clap: are :clap: such :clap: a :clap: good :clap: idea :clap: for :clap: this :clap: issue :clap:) and add more weight to trolling downvotes.