Just Finished playing through the Metro Series

and what interesting games they were. Post-Apocalyptic, Dark kinda scary but no so scary game, fantastic gameplay with incredible story. Not to mention even the first one holds up pretty well graphically ( altho. I played the Redux Version).

I have already ordered 2 out of 3 books the game is based off (3rd one is not available here :frowning: )

needless to say I highly recommend it for any lovers of Fallout out here.

Oh and the 3rd one looks even beautiful with RTX.


Some Screenshots I took


image image

For those looking for the games :arrow_right: https://www.metrothegame.com/story-so-far/

Hereโ€™s the whole bundle (including remastered versions of 2033 and Last Light) on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/13326/Metro_Franchise_Bundle/

Metro is one of my favourite series! Strongly recommend anyone to get metro 2033 and 2034 redux (improved versions of the original games with better graphics and gameplay) and metro exodus!

the atmosphere is the best Iโ€™ve seen in any games maybe it has something to do with those tunnels or what but damn I feel bad not playing these games much sooner.
I was made aware of these games when exodus was due release and all the controversy with epic games happened but forgot and left it at that time.
Heard on the sub-reddit that there might be a 4th game as well so I am looking forward for the next one.

but what Incredible stuff these games are and what a fascinating world Dmitry Glukhovsky has build and being a book guy that I am has just made me more interested in his world.

I remember me and my dad playing the original metro 2033 10 years ago. i was honestly terrified sometimes lol