Just A Post About Talents

Balance them. Whales are somewhat salty. Everyone is happy. Whales buy anyway with inherent advantage. Everyone else has a sense of progression to the op state. Everyone is happy.

Moving on.



Talents are a literal cancer on VG at this point. They are growing in influence regarding player rewards and it’s infuriating.

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Talents are gross, but rushing objectives in Blitz is grosser.

I just don’t get why they don’t balance them a little better. That’s literally all they would have to do to make them less aggravating for everybody else besides whales. And to fill the new rewards with more talents? Not even a chance at collectibles or even GLORY?

Look, I’ve long said most of the stuff semc was offering for free should never have been in the first place, but force feeding us talents is just like…does the abuse know no end?

most talents are just increasing stats, so no matter how little they increase, that they wtill be P2W. About the rewards… you know, there are 200 chests, what can you give in those chests? As @Guest_78 was saying to me, if you give 100o glory per chest (which is little), it ends being 200k, which is huge. Basically they give talents because is the only thing they can do to not devalue other currencies, because you still need a lot of talents.


True. I just can’t believe they basically force fed us the battlepass except seemingly with just talents.

Why you assuming a 100 glory

Ice , glory , opals , essence , chests , keys , pings , charms , hat materials , boosts , hero , blueprint , skin

the idea of their talents chests is more than one goal , they are promoting talents modes and Xp boost , the more you play you get talents and glory , you spend glory on talents , so it’s a rewarding system that promote talents and make glory not a saving currency they want people to constantly in need of glory and buy it directly with ice , by promoting talents game modes , you see them now as the main modes 5v5 behind them .

Because they no longer seem to give ice nor essence, opals, keys, charms… also, it was just an example.
I don’t understand how talents promote XP boosts. Those who hate talents are not going to like them more just because you gave them a ton. I for example have 120k glory, and doesn’t matter what talent they give me in a chest, I don’t even look at them, in most cases I don’t even open the chest because it not worth wasting those 2s of animation.

Hat materials are even more useless.

I mean we wouldn’t be at this point if they reworked talents to be less cancer. And I dont just mean actual talent balancing (since they stopped that).

Making talents linear with one another (Kestrel Rare is equal as Reim Rare) and how much glory imput the talent system needs along with other stuff.

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We wouldn’t be at this point if talents weren’t introduced.

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I mean they are promoting talents and make you think the 200 chests worth buying a boost while you end up with 200 chests of talents , so you spent ice to get talents fast without knowing , that could be enough for some people to invest on something they didn’t want to invest into it in the first place , and seeing the modes on your face before 5v5 makes you want to play them more , what they did is bad , talents went from a friendly attempt to get money to a forced system that you have to deal with it .

Lets not go that back that far in time.

Do you remember how they were first introduced. The video with CaptainN showcasing Celeste with her Heliogenesis revolving around her?

Talents was supposed to bring fun and creative way to have fun with a hero.

But until they tried to monetize it for profit, thats when they started to put a power creep to newer talents and give crazy and unbalanced stats to some talents. THATS when it started to go down hill…


For me it went downhill from the start. I never liked talents and was pretty clear it was a P2W system, which I never enjoyed. Talents back then already gave huge boosts. They were announced as thing that changed the way abilities worked to make crazy modes, but when they were released they were just stat boosts.

@LegendaryE I don’t get why getting talents make you think the 200 ice chest is worth anything. I also don’t understand how you can spend ice to get talents without knowing. Seeing those modes doesn’t make me want to play them more, why should they?

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Thats when they decided to monetize it.

“You want stronger stuff? Buy coins then” -SEMC

Yes, but what I meant is that since they did that, it went downhill from the start, they were never good, it’s just that it became worse over time, specially the update they decided to give a boost to all talents to make upgrading them meaningful.

Do you want to be inmortal? Here you have 100000000 rare talents coins from Kensei (3.3)…


Ah k, I read to quickly


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Next update: we are going to buff cain’s (epic?) because it wasn’t as broken as other heroes:
Execute treshold: 25 -> 100% PeRfEcTlY BaLaNcEd as all things should be.

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Iam talking about the 200 chests aka the xp chests because they are talents chests not a real rewards , but if you make someone invested on talents that could make the talents ice chests desirable , but Iam talking mainly about the xp chests after the boost and glory , I think the main goal is making glory a valuable currency and they want people to buy them to upgrade their talents for more broken stats .