Jungle ambient gold sweet spot

As a bot laner If you share the ambient gold of the gold oak, the weapon buff and the healing treant you currently get 230 gold which is the equivalent of 1 and a half waves of lane minions. If jungle ambient gold was to be lowered to 35% then that same exact rotation would only grant you 124 gold which is the equivalent of 0.78 waves of lane minions.

Are you hinting that it should be raised so that it equals 1.0 minion waves ?

I dont think so, I think he means if you share your jungle with the bot laner, you’ll end up with more gold than to farm one minion wave.

It’s mostly the gold oak. The WP treant and healing treant are not really that worth it and considering the placement of the gold oak I don’t think its worth going there if you have one wave pushing in your side. I’d say do ambient if you pushed in and the enemy top is full health, if they aren’t you can force a back and get some serious damage on towers. It would be best if jungler soaked up minion ambient but they always just go for jg sadly.

Basically it shouldnt be worth letting a wave crash under tower to get jungle ambient

I’ve disliked ambient gold in 5v5 since the beginning. It removes the independent agency of the jungler and creates a disparity in the side lanes.