Juan For All Round 3 a.k.a. Frustration Bonanza

Ugh, I didn’t like One for All before, and this just further increases my dislike for the mode.

Don’t get me wrong, the mode is nice but I feel should be much faster. The frustration for this mode also stems from players just not grouping up properlyand not getting the ■■■■ dragons.

The best thing about this weekend’s One For All is that the reward requirements are much lower. I don’t have much time this weekend anyway.

First match: LOSE.

Ugh, we got decimated cause they decided to cross fire and barrage us with their As and Cs together. Someone AFK’ed too, which did not alleviate the situation.

Second match: WIN.

We won, with some decent fights between all players. Thank you Blackclaw rush, which I instigated, lol.

Third match: WIN.

Despite winning, this game was the most ■■■■ frustrating one of them all. Reza isn’t a good objective taker, and I wanted to rush the dragons. My team mates however decided it was best we stalled lanes hard (which they succeeded in doing). It took me taking Blackclaw alone to force them out of stalling. Even then, we couldn’t close out the game with 2 ■■■■ Blackclaws cause they refuse to stick together. We cpuld have won with the second push but oh no, they wanted to go off on their own again. Third times the charm and I took a third Blackclaw alone again to secure us the win. Needless to say, I did not upvote any of my ungrateful team mates. They didn’t upvote me so I find my action justified.


In conclusion, unless they speed up the game time and give more reasons to play One for All; I would not ve sad to see it get stored and only brought out occasionally. Rumble is way better and less frustrating eventhough you can end up with wacky team comps.

I agree. I dislike One for All – way too long.

I’m only playing it for the sunlight checklist, tbh.


If I have 20 minutes to waste, I go to a normal match (casual or ranked I don’t care), not a random unbalanced with small poll and no MM brawl mode that is not even considered pvp, specially when I hate half the heroes available there.

Oh idk games end at like 15 minutes for me. I don’t understand why surrender is at 12 minutes and BC can spawn multiple times during that time frame.

I mean I don’t think I’ve had a match go past 15 minutes this round yet, if even that. I quite enjoy the hilariousness of it all, even when I lose. (seriously I didn’t even care when I was casually farming bot Lane alone and suddenly 4 Yates ult on me outta nowhere, same goes for when I was playing against Baron, every time I hear the ults go off I’m like ooh shit where are they) I’m too busy laughing my ass off to be salty.


I want to party up and have my team get Baron so we can each cast our ults about a second apart. HA!

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I just had to suffer through exactly that, thank you very much. Lol – it was horrific. Fortunately, I was on a team of Blackfeathers and we somehow managed to survive long enough to get a few T3 items completed … two Blackclaws later, we actually ended up winning!

Amazingly, not ONE thumbs up from the enemy team after that one. :wink:

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I so wish i hadnt bought the BP. I could leave the game peacefully but now i dont feel like leaving cos I feel the like buying the BP and leaving the game is a crime. And so now i have to put up with this trash sunlight system. And who the hell votes for yates in one for all? Thats so dumb. Not fun at all. Instead takas and kohskas would have been so much fun.

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