Joystick is bugged

Hi everyone.
So im a relatively new VG player, and i am starting to enjoy it. The gameplay is intense, good graphics, extremely competitive, yet with a decent community.
The only problem i have are the controls. Coming from being a PoH (planet of heroes) pro, im used to the joystick controls. But the joystick in VG is straight from lag hell. When moving, my champ starts and stops as if i’m repeatedly flicking the joystick rather than dragging it (hopefully thats an understandable way to put it) I’ve seen several other people on reddit with the same problem, but no solution. Please help!

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What platform and device are you using?

Tbqh, I’ve never tried VG’s joystick controls, but I’ll give it a go a little later this morning to see how I fare. I’m used to the joystick controls in AoV, so hopefully that will give me a good basis for comparison.

Just as an aside, have you tried using touch controls? I know a lot of people who come to VG from other games with virtual joysticks prefer that control system, but VG was designed for touch – I’d imagine it’d feel weird at first (like when I kept trying to tap all over the screen when I started playing Mobile Legends), but you may end up liking touch better in VG’s case.

Also, welcome! Let us know if we can help in any way!


I use an ios device, should have emntioned that at the outset, sorry.

Also, i have used the touch controls for a while, and was doing fine, but wheni use the joystick my performance doubles. Only problem is the start-stop glitch it has.
And thanks for the welcome😊

Okay, I tried the joysticks in VG, and now I think I need intensive therapy. They’re AWFUL – not only is there some lag, but my hero (Gwen) kept suddenly walking toward the enemy in the middle of fights.

Also, no matter what I did, I was unable to stutter step with the joystick controls, so my rate of fire was well below what I’m used to.


Yes, thats EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It has to be bugged. SEMC PLEASE FIX THIS! I am going to have to get used to touch controls I guess. Tho i was dominating with Taka using joystick while it was stuttering like hell. (My KDA was on avergae out of the 3 games I’ve played with him (just bought him) is 7/3/8)
But yeah, I will have to get used to touch until they fix it. :sweat:

Yep, it’s all screwed up all right. Apparently the version on the Google Play store is worse. :no_mouth:

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Poor android peasants.
Hopefully this new build of theirs will fix it for ALL platforms. Are they even aware that all mobile platforms are struggling with this? The way they sound in that tweet you shared sounds like they think its only non-Samsung Android devices. Anyway, lets just hope they fix it.
Thanks for the info btw. :grinning::+1:

P.S: I am really suprised and happy to have found such a helpful and friendly MOBA community :rofl:

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Right!? And welcome! I personally hate the joystick. Touch is awesome. My previous experience with the RoC DotA forum community was less than pleasant. A lot of trash talk, and zero tolerance for new players… And then they complained that it died? Ha!

MOBA games, because of their competitive nature and that they’re a skill-based game, can naturally lead to toxic environments. These forums, both the mods and members, do a great job maintaining a positive atmosphere. Glad you’re a part of it now!

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Thanks alot mate.
I’m glad to be here too!:grin:

More to your point - I really do think you should try touch. I love it. I’ve played MOBA games on and off for nearly 12 years. I find the VG touch controls work very well even for competitive MOBA play.

I think I have to be more patient with my pings from now on. I’ve seen a lot of players doing just this and wondering what in the heck were they doing?! So I raged. Granted they usually rage at me first for not diving in with them, but I’ve long suspected that joystick playing vs touch control playing was to blame, and so semc confirms!

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[iOS users will see this hotfix when it’s approved by Apple]

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You can play the way you prefer of course but I highly recommend you practice touch controls. If you learn using touch you won’t regret it. You have much better control and potential. And welcome!

Agreed but considering your experience don’t you prefer PC VG?

I’ve never played it on the PC. Not sure if I ever will. I haven’t owned a PC for about 5 years. I have a Chromebook… Let’s just say they aren’t built for gaming at all. I hope to one day try it!

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I’ve been trying touch controls, and my performance ahs been awful. My KDA while using joystick even with it being bugged was averaging to be about 7/3/8 maybe even higher kills, now its about 3/4/4.
I’ve been watching tutorials on YT on stutter stepping too, and nothing seems to be helping.
Not only that, my aim is awful to, so I still prefer the joystick for now by a mile.
Thanks for all the help BTW.


It’s ok, but you will need 1-2 weeks before getting used to diff controls. I am the same, but my main control method is touch and my performance 2-3 times better with touch controls vs joystick. I am sure that if I put enough time, the diff would not be that great, but as a lot of the old heroes were designed for touch controls - I bet this will be overall the better controls for mobile.

So is there a fix for the stuttering joystick, or will we just have to wait for the fix??

Yes, there is a fix addressing joystick behavior (scroll up) and yes, if you’re on iOS, you have to wait for it to make its way through the approval process.

Whether it solves the lag we’ve both noticed, I have no idea.

Yeah, I did see your post when you first posted it, but I wanted to see if anyone had a fix for it now, but like you said, we’ll have to wait.
BTW whats your ping? Maybe it has something to do with that as all the videos I’ve seen on YT have no one lagging with the joystick.