Journey Boots


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I’m not sure how we got so off topic, but let’s get it back.

Objectively speaking, I don’t see an argument against JB being the best of the boots. High base speed. Long duration. Shortest cool down.

Do we not remember that carries, junglers, both ranged and melee, existed with JB before it got this refresh buff? There was actually more variety though. Sometimes your jg got WT. Sometimes your carry got HC.

Since the JB buff, from my experience, 95+% of junglers and carries (t10 play) use JB. The ability to “Sprint” every 10s is insane. Especially, using the original example, on a hero like Adagio. It removes one of his few weaknesses.

I guarantee you if you made the refresh to 15 or 20 sec instead of 10, it’d still be the most commonly purchased boots, but at least there’d be more variety and mages and carries would exist just fine.


I agree it would still be the most common, but that’s mostly due to lack of options. If you nerf the refresh to 20s **and ** give other compelling choices it would be perfectly fine.

I would add “Trackers Soles” that build out of multi cam. They would naturally have some cooldown and energy from multi cam, so the price would need to be a little higher, but they would still be inferior to halcyon chargers from an ability standpoint.

I would also add “War Greaves” that build out of War Mail and offer the same defense stats. These should probably .5 bonus move speed in stead of the standard .7.

I think these additions like this would do a lot to provide choices since they are not designed for any specific hero or role. The issue with HC is that they become the default for mages, simply because that’s what they are meant for. As a jungler would would have to chose between vision, mobility, defense, or team mobility. bot laners would probably still opt for journey boots, but defense is quite valuable and could help win trades especially in the early/mid.


Hehe, sorry, I generally don’t think of Inara as ‘melee’ due to her range. :relaxed:

I haven’t seen the range of her A listed anywhere, but it seems to be around 4.5 or 5 based on how it compares to other heroes (she seems to be able to hit Lance from just outside his basic attack range) The range of her B seems to be a bit longer, but it can be helpful to get closer for it since it seems to connect so randomly. She has no melee-range abilities, nothing to improve her basic attacks, and nothing to help her survive in melee range.

I could go way off topic on how to play Inara, but the short version is that she typically plays like a ranged hero, even though she’s drawn with melee weapons.

She’s ‘melee’ in the sense that Lance, Ylva, or Vox are.

I mentioned that if JB are problematic on a particular sniper, then the problem is probably wit the sniper’s energy regen. Gwen is an example of a hero who can have energy problems if she doesn’t build some type of regeneration. Her Ult consumes 100 energy at every level, and her B uses up to 80, so if the enemy keeps pressure on her they can run her down low enough that she can’t use abilities. So she can chose between HC, which will let her use her abilities freely at the cost of some mobility, JB, which will give her the mobility but force her to be more conservative with abilities, or JB + Spellsword, which gives her the mobility but reduced her damage a bit.

I think most snipers are pretty balanced though — the choices have sufficient opportunity costs. I can see Adagio being a problem, since he doesn’t loose out from not building energy. Ringo might be a little problem since Twirling Silver is very inexpensive, allowing him to use it a lot without running out.

(That’s if you thin JB are a problem — I don’t think they are. Shiversteel on a ranged hero tends to wreck anyone who leans too heavily on JB.)


I just moved a bunch of posts out of this thread because they were completely unrelated. Please try to remember that this is a forum for discussion of topics of interest to the community, not for arguments between two or three people. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Back to Journey Boots, please.


Exactly this, you describe it perfectly.


Begin able to use speed boost 3+ times during a teamfight is absurd no matter how u guys trying to def it, u are allowed to make 3+ times mistake and still can walk out of it like nothing. Just imagine u are able to use RB 3+ times during a teamfight if u still fail to understand the OPness of JB right now, even pro players said it broken as well


It can be really effective aggressively too. For example a lot of ringo players fire up JB + B and thus they are FASTER than their running target (as B gives speed boost, so in reality you are faster + got the advantage of activating first, the enemy needs time to react + you will kill his boots with A). Also in general, I see a lot of ringo players do that both 1vs1 and in teamfights and deal dmg while skill shots miss them + in no time the boots are up again.

To sum it up, JB are defo the must buy for carries and even most of the junglers. Only mid mages build HC as they need the energy. Captains generally stick to WT and that’s it (maybe utility top too here and there) - all the others are buying JB and must buy them if they want to have the edge. Having the option to run every 10 seconds is FAR better than 4-4.5 energy recharge.


Am I the only one that builds WT on CP Lorelai ? Not “technically” a carry but a carry nonetheless


Im curious, what do you use it for?
As a teamwide movement boost for engage or disengage?

Because her B on overdrive has already a 20% team spd boost on a 5cd.

The only reason why I can see you buying it if for a slightly higher slow for enemies on her pool.


A bit of both the reasons you specified - I already have “boots” every five seconds making the advantage I get from the higher slow better than JB. However, that’s personal playstyle preference. A bit of it is also because WT is usually my third T3 completed and I have it completed far before the roam does, giving my team an earlier cohesiveness

I will add that I go JB when I jungle Lorelai


Nah, I build them too rarely. I usually build then on heroes who support carry rather than on their own, like cp lorelai or flicker. Heroes like saw & petal can use them too since they’re almost always easier with their team, same as wp fort.


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Poor TP boots… Its such a niche item, its not even worth talking about.


All three of Lorelai’s abilities scale with bonus health, and her carry builds can be a bit low on it. Depending on how the match is going I might build anything except teleport boots on her.

Journey Boots are the ones I build least on her, because I just don’t find myself needing to run from fights that often without having my A or Ult available to get me out. Lorelai is usually pretty tanky so I often just don’t run from things I would flee with other carries (I typically build Eve of Harvest and Capacitor Plate on her, so if I put her A somewhere that it catches lane minions she gets a ridiculous amount of healing). Generally speaking I’d get more out of slightly better scaling and a bit more ability to survive damage, since I’m usually going to make the enemy decide to stop attacking rather than run from them.