It's been a little over 2 weeks since the introduction of the Joystick


How many of you are using it, or trying it more often? Any extensions of opinions or thoughts?


I tried it a couple times my opinion of it is worse after trying it


I use it on some heroes like grumpy, saw, fort but heroes with more precise or predicting abilities like lorelai I use touch. It’s nice it’s there as an option but one thing I do hate about the joystick setup is the shop button is at the top right but then the scoreboard, port home button are bottom left. I really think the shop button should be down there with the rest


I suck at it…or the controls sucks :thinking:


Oh it still exist? Hmmm. I find it useless honestly


I couldn’t use it for more than 5 seconds, how are you supposed to move with the joystick sliding all over the screen?? Completely useless.


Tbh, the only good thing about it is the broken no-effort perfect stutterstepping you can do with it. The lower skillshot accuracy compared to regular touch and the bottom corners being blocked by your fingers (more so on phones) heavily outweigh that advantage though.


I don’t use it, but it wasn’t meant for us. We are used to touch, why would we switch?

It’s mesnt for players who are already really comfortable with joysticks controls.


I play penty joystick games but not mobas because it just does not transition well


The joystick controls actually looks harder to use than touch controls, at least to me. Even back when I first played this game a few years ago, I assumed that every mobile moba game had touch contols.


Waste of development time from my POV.
It’s so god damn buggy. If you have an imperfect ping such as anyone in SEA, walking alongside a wall will instantly give your character such a massive seizure that makes the game unplayable.


I don’t like it or use it because my moba experience has all been touch. I love that SEMC developed this. Players who started out on a joystick will be able to transition smoothly. Joystick creates the opportunity to expand the player base with a smaller learning curve. Love it!!


Haven’t tried it, won’t try it.


Joysticks are easier to pick up and play but the level of asian you need to be to do well with it is impossubuu


Have used it a couple of times to complete bot matches for quests, just against bots.


I think iam going to practice it on my phone , so i can play better with small screen .


I’ve tried it, personally it feels like an entirely different game and I just can’t get used to it. There are actually mor buttons t mash as a consequence and since I play with my iPad and thumbs it’s aimply not for me…