It was called

So the new vainglory logo.
I can’t remember who but someone said I really don’t want the logo to look like it does now.
Well he predicted it just perfectly.

Yeah, a bit disappointed that it is basically the same icon as 2.0 … with a sticker. I would have preferred one of the dragons …

Hey, that could be a good forum art project! Design a better app icon!


(side note;
really love that you can see, that someone is typing a message to a thread.)

Yeah, tho it was on the left side and diagonally instead of righ + banner. Hehe :smile:

Yeah rip.
I hoped they would get rid of the SQ icon at least, and slap the 5v5 logo on another background, but it looks like they really appreciate that icon, sadly.

I will be perturbed if the 5v5 VG Icon looks like this…

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