It was a bad idea to close the og forums

Ever since the shutdown of the original forums I have been looking far and wide a solution to my forum addiction.

First, I scoured the old posts of the OG forums for a clue to as where the players are going to post now.
One of the moderateors had suggested using discord, Reddit, and even Twitter.

I shuddered at the thought.

But, I loved Vainglory enough to give it a shot.

I started to browse Reddit and found the official Vainglory subreddit. And unsurprisingly found that all of the Top posts were a bunch of memes and pictures. All posts were not orientated to a single subject but an unorganized mess. No guild advertisements, no meta build discussions, no familiar faces, nothing. I had given up using Reddit for my Vainglory source.

Next I used twitter. I even tweeted one of the devs to lead me to where is the best place to find all of the OG Forums players. And guess what…he frickin tells me to go on Reddit.

Screw this.

Now it’s a couple months later, and I was directed to this forum by one of my buddies on discord, PinkiePie, and was told that this was the “NEW” Vainglory forum which is upkept by the Vainglory player community. But it was brought to my attention that there are in fact some DEVELOPERS are also using these forums.

This brings me to the case that not all of the Developers had agreed to shutting down the original forums and are now slapping themselves on the wrist for giving away their chance to countinue progressing the amazing forums that they had originally created.

But even though all of this I hope that, though this is an unofficial Vainglory forum, this will be the OFFICIAL PLAYERS VAINGLORY FORUM! :raised_hands:
And that the community will stay as awesome as it always has been, all through the simple love of a simple game.


Welcome to the forums. i’m not entirely sure why this is salt.

I believe Dev’s here are on an unofficial basis. They’re considered just another forumer, that happens to be a dev. I have yet to see a Dev response, but I hope they do read most of the content.

What is @PinkiePie doing these days? still active?


Pinkie pie is doing just great. Pinkie got a discord server too, I’ll PM you the link if you wanna say hi.

And I put this in salt mosty because of my initial reactions to finding out the OG Forums were closed, that’s about it.

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Aye and welcome back - I moved this to forum stuff as the NACL content was too low for the salt mine :wink:


No, not nessesary, I’m aware of her discord channel. I just don’t use it much.

It’s just that Salt mine threads get closed automatically after 24hours of no reply.

Best feature in this forums This text will be blurred

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Runner up is 30 characters minimum.

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eyyy welcome!
come on in and browse the salt and discussions!

Welcome home jrodvon


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Honestly, I’m glad the old forum closed. It was a sad thing, of course, since a lot of us spent a lot of time there, and even quite a few devs had good memories of the place. Getting it up and running was a labor of love.

But that said, there were a lot of structural problems with it. For one, the people who administrated it just didn’t have enough time to really give it the attention it needed. And they couldn’t hand over admin controls to community members because of legal issues. This led to long delays for quality-of-life stuff like interface tweaks, visual changes (backgrounds, icons), or functional issues like spam and disconnect errors. All of that gave the place a feeling of neglect, which I think added to salt levels.

The platform, Xenforo, was also really bad. Visually, there was a ton of wasted space, a pretty unattractive layout, and a lack of substantial customization. The platform we’re using now is Discourse, and, in my opinion, it’s worlds better. We have control of theming and subforums in a way we didn’t before, and we can even set up community wikis, which have some truly amazing potential! Poke around Forum Stuff and you’ll some more discussions about it.

Also, welcome!


Let me add that this place is less toxic.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

That’s because people who cared enough to complain about the game left or have given up and just play this game once in a while.(so whenever an update drops)

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I agree that it was a bad idea to close the forums.
Hoepfully this one expands as much as the og one. :3

I feel very welcome to the forums now. Thanks guys :pray: