It’s me, Pinkie

Time the paint the forums Pink


Good luck. We’re all new here now at least

Woooow, hello to all forumers!

I was waiting for this since the close announcement and finally here we are :smiley:

Y u no join discord >:( is fun

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I am in discord too :slight_smile:

Paint the walls with the blood of the innocents!!
Or maybe a nice shade of grey with tan colored carpet. You know, something simple.

I’m already in discord :smiley: (was Super Extra Mad Forumers the name?) :wink:

Oo what is your rank/title thingy and how’d you obtain it?

Time to compete uwu
I’ll pain the forums a pastel pink that nobody will ever forget.

Time for the apinkalypse to end all forums.

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delete shit post pls no no shit posts in new forums.

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Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

No it’s not uwu

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Is there a link to this that hasn’t expired?

Hi Pew! :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:

(Raises eyebrow) Pink? Not with this gross carpet - we should pull the carpet, paint the walls, and then lay down new carpet. I’m thinking maybe a deep purple to offset the brightness of the pink, or something?

How do u do the blur thingy :frowning:

Use the little gear icon in the text composition window …


Thats a nice feature, thanks to the people who helped set up this forums