It Feels Like Matchmaker Is Against Me

Haven’t had much time to play ranked and get a secondary account to VG, but when I do bother to play ranked it feels like I’m the one getting trolls / straight bad people on my team. As VGPro is down I can’t really get any recent screenshots of games, but it gets to the point where there is a very clear difference in skill between teams.

It shouldn’t be even remotely possible to have someone in T9 Gold not kite at all, nor even somehow feed a Baptiste Top.
It’s getting even more frustrating losing to horrendous players because your own team is incompetent at doing literally anything…

Edit : Just had a match where we were winning then our bot decided to afk. :tanuki:

Iam not playing ranked now because my game crash , and I watched streams and noticed a lot of people crash in fights , I even laughed at a game where a vox was close to get a triple-penta kill following enemy and suddenly he stopped moving (his game crashed) and the enemy killed him while they all were low health couple basic attacks kill them all .

I downloaded the game on my phone and noticed the game reviews , a lot of them complaining about the matchmaker , and semc response was join a guild it helps on getting better win rate , I think this response prove that party games are broken and matchmaker sacrifice the soloq players , and too bad a lot of guild leaders and members complaining about the guild system .

Lol if that was semc’s official response…sigh. I mean it might be true, but its only true because of an underlying problem with whether the tools to determine rank use information relevant to actual skill. Not to mention the decline of guilds would make that even worse.

Yeah if you say you get trolls , unskilled players , different skill tiers , they respond with this …

Rest assured , we working on it blah blah blah , if you get trolls report them , join guild to get better win rate .

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