Is WP Reim still work?

Just curious and wanted to play him but I cant remember if they changed how his Basic Attacks affect his FH generation or even removed it when they mini-reworked his perk.

I tried to see if it worked in a practice match but his FH generation sucks since there isnt any heros and only farm.

Also if he does work to a useable extent, what build would work on him? Does the :vgitem_serpentmask: :vgitem_breakingpoint: build still apply to him?

They reduced It. In the past, before all the bugs, 50% of the damage from the basic attack would be converted to FH, right now its only 10% .

WP reim doesnt work IMO, lol not even CP does.


Wow it dropped to 10% :sweat_smile:

Good thing I didn’t decide to test it in a casual match…

But why did they have to kill WP off? Idk but if they do decide to hold a third AMA, Ill participate for once to ask if they can bring it back.

They consider it a troll build because reim is a Mage and it’s probably their attempt to make heroes focus on one path , in my opinion they probably discovered his potential in 5v5 and killed his wp path and nerfed his cp path .

So reim now is about ability damage turning to fortified health , so your goal is using the abilities and landing them to get fortified health fast and keep fighting , it’s capped at 40% , so thats the complex part about reim , getting more damage means more fortified health , getting more defense means less damage and less fortified health , damage > defense .

I personally dont think so. Back in 3v3 (I hate to say that phrase) it was considered a separate path and I think some of the devs like Nivmett and maybe Shin liked WP as a separate way to play reim. I remember it being a community favorite for when they used to play community fights on the Dev strams

It was a colateral damage. When they did the “rework”, they make all sources of damage give the same % to FH, bieng a 20%. They nerf It later to 10%. They never really considered WP when making those changes. Its not an attempt to make him go CP, its just a human mistake, they simply forgot about him.


Imo it’s just not as effective, even if it’s a different way to play, same as crit skaarf was. There are almost no benefits to going wp instead of cp based on his kit, and this was compounded by the drop in FH.