Is VG coming to PC?

Tommy Krul’s cryptic reply seems like a not very subtle hint!


That’d be cool I guess.
:+1:VG’s graphics are appropriate for PC play.
:+1:It isn’t as complex as its competitors in the platform, and there are only like ~40 heroes so far, so it’s not overwhelming to pick up.
:+1:The play times aren’t as demanding as its competitors (less than 30 minutes average)


Have to agree on all three points – I especially think there’s an audience for a PC MOBA that’s not as intimidating to new players.


i also think it would make that free roam camera option even more popular on the PC. Also… I wonder if they’ll Up the U.I and the Map mirroring option, as a PC can handle much more, some players really like playing from the opposite side.

interesting , if games like pubg and fortnite or even league as AOV going mobile , why not a mobile game move to another platform , i think its a good decision !

if they can do it without spending too much resorces, ok. if they spend the next few months just on this, they will lose too many players in the meantime.


Wasnt it already available on pc?

no. unless you count an android simulater on a pc
you can already olay it with mouse and keyboard, but to that you need all samsung equippment+one of the newer samsung phones

can we have vainglory in ps4 while we at it?

I mean… I would love to use Lyra in 3rd/1st person perspective like overwatch/paladins

and yes the game will be a lot harder but… this is will increase skill level for all players to master their heros and I would love to spend a day playing vainglory if they have it on ps4 with 1st person perspective… killing turrets and enemies

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I would say this, Its a BAD idea why? Well u see well known moba such as dota 2, LoL HoN, etc was so popular that vg is an ant comparing to those mobas. Sure some people only play it but only who played vg mobile not to mention that they have to balance the hero because regular moba have at least upgradeable passive and so on. Its just not worth the time and hard competitive on the economy.

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why should they rebalance anything? they are NOT trying to be like lol or dota. they would fill in a niche role of a simpler moba that could be played on all devices you have.
as i said, if they could do this without investing too much money, there is no reason atm to not do it. they wont take players away from other games, but they could draw in a lot of players new to mobas that are repelled by the insane learning curve of the other pc mobas.