Is there really any other reason to play?

It was already coming to this eventually but…

Is there really more of a reason to play next patch?

Im going to be somewhat negative (seeing I’ve been not tHaT negative in post making) just to show how Ive been thinking of VG.


So lets start with my matches. I played a good amount of matches for 4.0. Probably around 20 matches of a variety of modes. I’ve gotten a good amount of loot keys and essence.

Its been more or less but I pushed through all the salt and tilt, but its still enjoyable to a extent that I wont get into.

Actual Loot

Biggest disappointment (yes, I did start off with negativity) and it really needs to be refined. Im not salty because I always knew it was a faulty system in my eyes and I really never expected much from it.

My inventory saw around or about like 10 boxes of the combined total of Blueprint Chests and Gold Chests and from opening them, I was greeted by ONLY duplicates. And I mean ONLY. Not one fresh rare or a skin I hadn’t own.

Disappointing but not salty. I can finally say with confidence that
I hadn’t gotten a new skin since the begin of the year. If I wanted a skin badly enough, I would have bought it but I wont invest cuz due to past experiences.

Sun Wheel and/or BP

I think its all agreed that the sun wheel was the best and it wasn’t really replaced by the battle pass.

But all forms of the battlepass didnt really disappoint me either.
I had fun since it both gave me something to do over a update and it was like the only thing that you could have to complete (since they wont raise the level cap for some reason).

Too bad its gone since it surely will be missed by me and I shall await another form of a grinding thingy.

In-Game/Rank System

Its a wild ride but atleast most (I mean 2 out of my 5 favorite heros) of my heros are somewhat playable.

The thing that excited me the most was opening Koshkat to the WP path. (I can somehow Lane with her against WP heros and it really is some SPICEY :fire::fire: gameplay for me.)I absolutely adore hero that can flex into both paths.

The only thing I dont quite get is why is SEMC, a creator of the most mechanically advance game, compared to ML or AoV, trying to make their games shorter?

In most of my matches, we dont even reach late game which destroys some late game heros.

Rank is a joke to me now. Back when I first started Vg, achieving t10 was the pinnacle of my things to do list. I achieved it right when the R system was going downhill and I just stopped. I gotten the rainbow recall and I really dont see a reason to rank anymore.

I hope Im not forgetting a topic that I decided that I would bring up but to say the least I wont be playing in next patch and so forth.

I have multiple games that would love the amount of attention that VG gets from me and I think so as well.

Plus most of them have better qualitys of what VG has now and I surely hope SEMC sees to them in VGs future as well.

Edit: I forgot about the section for friends/guilds. But im sure everyone can guess what I would say

Edit 2: I forgot to talk about daily missions and how bad they are compared to other games. Tdlr the need to evolve the sinister seven rewards


I’m having fun with VG again – ever since they made talent-free brawl modes available, my interest in playing has been revived. However, if they ruin those, there won’t be anything left for me: I dislike 5v5 altogether, and I’ve not played it even once in the past 6 months. I don’t play ranked solo, so 3v3 is now dead to me.

All that said, it’s very difficult to get hyped for a release that they have told us almost nothing about. Here we are, 24 hours ahead of the release, and we don’t know the specifics of the balance changes, much less any other important changes affecting gameplay. (Their marketing continues to be the worst in the entire gaming industry, imo.)

I don’t blame you for being frustrated. I was in that position for much of the past year.


Thanos destroyed the patch notes (same as the BP :cry:)


I think this was my last straw.

It was the only mode I had played the most and so I got bored (burnt out) of that mode first. Rip

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This is what I hate most, the changes introduced in 3v3 and the elimination of casual, so no new players get into 3v3 anymore, it’s a matter or time that 3v3 will lack of players so heavily that they could just delete ranked too


Well, good points all around.

Hmm… to be honest, I kind of play Vainglory for two reasons:

  1. To scratch that itch for playing a MOBA, regardless of win or loss; that I have had ever since I saw what DoTA was back in the days it was a mod for WoW. Rumble thankfully fulfils what I want out of Vainglory nicely.

  2. It’s has been a constant for me for nearly four years. I at least do bot matches nowadays instead of Rumble in busy days so as to keep my ‘Talents to Glory’ project going. It’s 4/5 done anyway. Give a nice 150+ Glory per day with a bump in amount once in a while.

Here are my salty parts that I think would deter me from playing if the above two reasons didn’t exist.


To be honest, I think matchmaking has been a joke ever since I started.

Because of that, I never cared for who ends up in my team and make the best of it. Sure, I’ll rage if they’re silly and/or toxic, but I will forget them as they are a mere blink in the vast corridor of time.

That said, I had some memorable matches across the years, some of them being just recently that I truly enjoy.

Do note that a majority of what I remember of my matches are mainly Brawl modes without Talents.


I’m an odd one that doesn’t really care much about the loot (aside from Glory) that we get from matches and continuous playing.

I was a bit reckless about 2 years ago and spend a bit on skins on heroes, at that time; I thought I would main (Captains).

Nowadays, I barely touch them which is a shame cause they have some beautiful skins. I just can’t find motivation and reason to play them anymore.

I just play Fortress (with his Dire Fortress skin, that doll having a hat on it is so cool!), Lyra (I alternate between her School Days and Moon skins as they are pretty sweet. Might consider getting the upcoming Tidal Enchanter too), and Varya (her Winter War skin is the best in its simplicity and beauty.).

I haven’t spend ICE for quite sometime after that and only spend a bit to get sufficient ICE to start the first Battle Pass. From there, I’ve kept a steady reserve of ICE till just recently with the announcement of the scrapping of the Battle Pass. Shamelessly, I splurged the ICE on collectibles to get hat materials (which nabbed me two more hats, leaving only the Golden Halo and Golden Party Hat. So close!).

I do say that what I’ve gotten from the four Battle Passes that have passed are sufficiently satisfying.
Though… a good portion of them (aside from Glory, ICE, and Opals) are never really used. Even Essence are unused cause I mainly get duplicates for Blueprints and Skins.


I never cared for Rank after so many tedious amounts of games that lasted too long and usually results in defeat.

There is no real benefit to Rank for me. Even those Contender Skins mean nothing to me as I rarely to never use the heroes that have those skins.

I only ever got to Tier 6 Bronze once. That’s it.

However, my Rank doesn’t mean I’m bad. Just a regular that knows stutter stepping and decent map awareness.

Other than that, I think I’ll just wait and see.

I want to keep playing, but if I see that SEMC is dooming the game, I’m more inclined to shelve Vainglory and just go play/read Visual Novels that I like.

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Lol when a moba stops being interesting, I fall into desperation as I need something to theorize and or strategize about. That typically means bingewatching some anime, needing more, so finding manga/ln and bingereading that.


Well I think Iam soon going to be in the situation of (if 5v5 not going to make me play I would quit) because I think 3v3 is dying , I have no idea what are the next changes , we will see next season .

I’ve only had one duplicate this patch (winter war kestrel) and a total of 6 blueprints I didn’t own the skin for. This, however, is equally annoying as I have all these blueprints but no essence to craft them with.

Its still a bad system imo.

This happened to me but imagine others

This system is similar to the LoL skin/hero box system but the difference is that their lootbox really doesnt give you a high chance of a duplicate for a Achievement chest or Blueprint chest in VG terms. Imo LoL manages to balance it out with guarantee and RNG

Maybe it’s because I probably have alot of the old skins (thx card crafting :hugs:) but if this is what it feels like, I can imagine why most of the Veterans left.

I might go into more of a detailed rant about the similarities and flaws but later maybe.

LoL scratches my itch for a alternative moba. VG is played more due to the little amount of free time I have.
But I must say, im not really into the MOBA genre anyways, its just VGs story and theme and LoLs story and theme appeal to me.

Idk how you do it. Playing bot matches for 4 years!?!? Sign me the hell out.

:joy: I can relate, but I get some of my other games that need grinding in that list too.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a classic VG update before they get crazy about pushing content out so fast. Back in the day 1 in 3 updates were just skins and balance changes which we were fine with.

We also used to get patch notes only after update release. I don’t see why people make such a big deal of it.

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Because for the last couple of years, we’ve gotten them in advance. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean it shouldn’t matter to others.


This is probably part of the problem. I have 69 hehehe skins of the 167 ingame. That’s about 2/5. So when I get a blueprint, I’ve got a 3/5 chance of it being one I don’t own. This is extremely simplified, it will probably be less than that when you consider that rare Blueprints are more common and I probably have more rare skins already. But my point still stands; the more skins you have, the less likely you are to get a new blueprint.

I don’t know how the LoL loot drops work, but I doubt it’s any different tbh, just there’s more skins in the game. Maybe code should be implemented to make drops of un-owned blueprints more common.

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Having them before the patch at least increases the chances of them being read and analysed prior and therefore increases the chances of your teammates not making a bad pick/build/play.

As the notes will likely drop with or after the patch I can’t see this being in anyway positive for the ecosystem as a whole. I’ll gladly be proven wrong but can’t see how!


Firstly how would you change heroes/items/meta and not announce what you’ve changed? Secondly if they’re released after the update how many people would prefer reading to playing? Again players have no idea what the changes are. It just makes no sense. Having a few patches where they screwed up and delayed the notes doesn’t mean that’s a good thing or the norm. If notes are ready on top of that where’s the logic in not releasing them?

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I have about 114 not including Opal skins since I bought them with opals.

Also about the LoL differences, a simple google search will inform you about their rates (which is interesting by itself) and how they balance it out with duplicates.

Reading about it, the returns you make back from a duplicate skin is wayyy better than what VG has now.

Thats not my point tho. When I open a higher chest, I expect to have a higher chance of a un-owned skin. As I see it Gold = Blueprint and I dont think that is how it should be seeing that BPC is rarer.

This is all subjective, but I still don’t see the point to such posts. I play for the graphics, mechanics, and the challenge of playing with 2-4 random other people out there versus 3-5 others. This game allows for that in both a casual and competitive environment. It has it’s flaws, sure, I just don’t get what happens that makes people “quit”. It may not be VG, it may be that you’re bored with MOBA. I don’t know. Just weird to me. I look forward to playing next season.

Well no duh, its my view to the current game. The reason why I posted this is because there isn’t really a reason to play daily anymore for myself.

Seeing how you’re running a VGF community event everyday, VG must not be boring to you.

I should have worded that less vaguely, I mean I dont plan on playing the usual way ive playing which is playing multiple matches in a single day. Probably one rank per week so that I wont risk all my elo that I worked for.

I wouldn’t say with MOBAs in general. I recently started to play AoV with friends (I didnt want to say that so it would the impression that I think Vg is less than AoV) and with its short Q and really easy mechanics that my noob friends can easily grasp in such a short time.

League on the other hand will aways be my #1 PC with just everything. While VG is my #1 Mobile moba. And that I usually play a match or two when I have a good chunk of free time.

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