Is there a way to make SAW viable?

I remember back in the old days of vainglory where SAW is basically one of,if not the most cancerous hero in the game.I personally hated him a lot in the past just like most other players I know.

After couple of SAW nerf patches,I’ve had teammates/enemies playing as him completely getting gutted by pretty much anyone that’s not a support.I didn’t really understand why,so I decided to try him out myself.Let’s just say it didn’t really end well.
So back to the topic,is SAW still usable/viable now?If so,what should I build on him or how should I play him in the current meta?

Don’t ever pick saw in 5v5… unless your teams really understands you and knows how to protect you…

And in my experience, if we ever encounter Saw. Our team will dive and eliminate him first…

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Now that I think about it,no matter how much you feed as a SAW,you still push like a god. So…using yourself as a bait is the most viable way to play him now…?

One: Delete him. Or. Two: Rework him.


@Nivmett Here you go. Your department.

Mid CP. Your goal is to shut down mages before they can scale with your disgusting B damage when you have CP buff, and to rotate around the map for shank ganks. You basically have to snowball as hard as possible for this one though, since you’re close to dead weight late game.

If you want to go WP, you’re out of luck. The enemy team will probably be camping you and even when you pressure the lane as much as possible, the enemy can farm their jungle and make up for their losses, while as SAW you can’t rotate fast enough to make it work.

Sorry mate. SAW main here. Tested him out in 5v5 and to be honest there is absolutely no chance for SAW to stand up to the current META.

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Nope. Not in the current meta anyway. Doesn’t stop him from getting played at POA silver though :upside_down_face:

He’s good in 3v3 and blitz, although not the best pick. Go for a high damage build with ramping damage, utilising Crit and breaking point.

The only truly viable build is probably CP, but in 5v5 u have to be Zeus himself to play him effectively

Sue’s would be too busy getting busy with the enemy heroes

Delete him, he’s a noob hero whose cancerous at low levels but potato once you hit tier 7/8.

Sure you might win first turret but you’ll spend the rest of the match waiting for him to catch up or watching him die in seconds.

Personally I’m glad, I’ve never liked his simplistic playstye, just stand there and point away eats hard about that (before you say he takes skill no pro plays him seriously, they’ve got skill).

SAW works because the second you kill the enemy laner, you get to take a turret…
He doesnt work that well late game because he dies in half a second in teamfights, so the game is kinda a 4v5

He is not a noob hero he has a low skill floor meaning anyone can pick him up and use but his skill level is through the roof on using properly.


Make his epic talent part of his normal kit or something


Always used to play him without boots lol. 4 damage items and 2 tank, it actually worked

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Them watch saw run fast towards you with full bp stacks…no pls no

Actually he’s the hardest hero to master. Ask someone like LouisVuittonDon and he’ll tell you. But I agree with the “Delete him” part.

Btw, Ringo is even more simplistic, just to tell you.

SAW is still viable but he now definitively needs his team late game. He can no longer do as much 1v1, mainly because of the nerfs to his range and the dmg of his B.

I would give his abilities low WP ratios as well as having CP, and increase the dmg of his B and C. That would give his WP path some viability from a distance, while leaving his CP path the pure makeshift assassin that it kinda is, and give his CP path wider leeway when it comes to building CP items. Right now, as CP SAW, you have to build too many dmg items to make his kill time as effective as other late game heroes, which, combined with his slower speed and lower defense, makes building any kind of defense or sustain on him both a necessity and a losing battle. Not to mention to use his A effectively you need some kind of defense. I would also lower the cooldown on his B a little. He already has enough penalties on him through his makeup. He should at least not have to wait so long to use the ability, especially since not only is he stationary the whole time, any kind of stun makes it nearly wasted. He should at least have a chance to use it again in a reasonable period of time.

SAW is currently relegated to the likes of Churnwalker, in that he is almost a completely team centric hero at this point, where as before, with enough skill, you could do quite a lot of carrying on your own, even though you had to constantly put yourself in dangerous situations.

At the least, I would give him some of his move speed back. The way it is now is utterly ridiculous unless you build boots, and SAW’s dmg is already low enough without items to be wasting a slot.

As for WP, again, with his lowered basic range, he really needs some viability to poke from a distance. Even if they didn’t give him WP ratios on B, a longer slow would help him close in on enemies while also keeping him safe if he’s on the defensive.

Another idea would be to at least give him some fortified health while using his A or B.

He literally has no help in his kit to help him survive without his team other than his A, and his dmg, and that’s not quite fair to a hero who struggles to even get into range now. Yes, his immediate range is a death trap, but he has to be able to do something outside of that or at least have some kinda help to get him in range of enemies safely.

Even churnwalker has some help with his defense & health, and building proc builds on him gives him some killing potential. SAW doesn’t have any of those options available to him.