Is there a way to differentiate likes from comments vs likes on thread topics?


I always thought it would be cool on the old forums if you could see how many positive ratings came from comments vs the OP in a thread. The reason would be for content creators to get an indication of how they stack up against those who also create content, vs those who choose to comment on threads. Obviously just a weird idea, so if it’s a no go, from either a technical reason or simply just a bad idea, it’s no worries.

Edited for clarity: Could this idea work here, where the likes you receive for comments are shown in a different collumn than likes for creating the thread?


You were very popular with 1.5 possitive rating per post. On the old forum that is. Usually you present yourself and your ideas in a likable fashion so who knows


I am reasonably sure that something like this can be surfaced - am I right @hazeleyes ?

However I am not sure whether we should - I need to think a bit about the gamification aspects of this.

Thats said I believe some of the badges may already function on this basis - insofar as they try to use likes given as a way of quantifying the value of posts and threads.


Also make other ratings like useful winner etc


We have discussed why we don’t want to do this over here:


I’m been thinking about it since the OP, and my initial response was “hmm maybe no”… There was a tendency in the old forum to ignore the contributions of great replies at the expense of great first posts. It was a structural fault of xenforo, which I think helped contribute to the idea that replies are less important and don’t need to be carefully crafted the way a ‘star-hungry’ OP might. We tried to get around this by starring whole discussions rather than just impressive OPs, but it’s a hard thing to fight against.

My worry is that making a ‘winner’ rating, essentially, will bring up that attitude again. It’s not that this is a bad idea, per se, but I like that good posts are treated equally here, whether replies or discussion-openers. They’re all part of the conversation, and people like to contribute to those conversations differently. It’s nice that the system doesn’t artificially distinguish between them. I’d hate to have people hold off on commenting to a thread, so they can start a new topic with “their take on X” instead, just for a badge. Which is something that definitely happened before.


You’ve actually changed my mind with this response. Specifically that implementing something like what my OP is referring to being better than how it’s set up currently.

This line specifically was a major issue on the OG forums, so yeah. Scratch the idea. I appreciate it being considered though.