Is the Golden Promo worth $50?

Do you think that 9900 ice, 3 epic keys, 1 legendary unknown skin, and 300 opals is all worth $50, in comparison to other packs in the past?


Compared to the past straight up 2x ice offers -no(unless you buy epic chests)
Compared to the offers we get now-yes

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Compared to the amount of ice you get plus the ability to utilize the battle pass with it I would say so especially with the battle pass paying you back the ice you paid

If you actually have all that cash to spend and you’re really intrested in it, I’d say it’s worth it. The content of the bundle is worth well over $100 and you can get quite of a lot of skins, heroes, and talents (if you’re into that ofc) with what you get from the bundle, especially if you use it to purchase a battle pass.

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