Is Skye CP good?

Is Skye CP actually good? I find her shooting potato missiles against enemies even when they have 1 defence item. How should you stutter step? Should you overdrive her first and on what scenarios? I overall feel like she is in a bad position regarding her crystal path, but I am glad if you can prove me wrong.

I just think she’s outshined by other heroes in 5v5. :confused:

Uhm… you don’t really have to stutter-step all that much on CP Skye, I think. You land one AA for the speed boost and increased damage, and then you try to get as much of your Forward Barrage on target as possible. Reposition with B, repeat.
I would definitely overdrive Forward Barrage first. It’s the main damage source.

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I know that you don’t have to stutter-step on CP, but it’s also what I was wondering for WP because I am leaning more towards that path.

Yes very much, and with so many new players, not many know how to use such a hard hero.

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Better the B first as it completely removes the cooldown after it’s use, allowing to chain 2 FB


3v3 or 5v5? She’s not that good but in 3v3 jungle any hero works, literally. She’s kinda decent. Don’t know what position she’d go though. Mid is certainly not for her. The most CP Skyes I’ve see are top but she’s not the best choice there. Jungle can be an option but I don’t see how she’d be better than let’s say Samuel.

But would you want to reset a level 2 FB at level 8? Or have one good level 5 FB?

Reset a lvl 8 FB, skye is a late game hero, also it will help you more as for doing so at level 5 your FB is only 1 lvl behind, which is not much of a difference.

In 3v3 jungle not everything works.

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A Good Skye is a menace to deal with. If your team has Lyra then Lyra can block divers from getting to you while you wipe out everything in your path. A Good Skye is very hard to pin down and kill…

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Wp Celeste no. Every hero can work though.

No in high elo.

I’ve played literally all heroes in 3v3 jungle and I’m VG silver. From my experience only ones that are not only off meta but bad are Vox, Varya and Kinetic but I’ve played her only once so can’t tell for sure. Give me an example of something that can’t work?

CP Skye isn’t really that good unless you snowball but her WP path is quite good this patch. Her WP path is the best kiting hero and the attack speed changes seem to have made her stutterstepping smoother. Max B and C for her WP path. As for her CP path I prefer maxing her A first because thats her main damage source and if you land the whole barrage you can pretty much get the kill.

Ringo, phin, flicker, baron (although I’ve used him and won), churnwalker, Gwen,.

Skye’s missiles are there to disrupt enemies, not deal damage. Most of her CP damage comes from her A, so you want to overdrive that first. Because her A resets every time you use B when it’s on overdrive, you want to max that out too, and leave the ult level 2. At the moment tho, to be dealing any damage whatsoever with CP (on any hero), you need a BM, and to keep Skye’s A landing as much as possible you want a FB on her.

As for her weapon build, A poisoned shiv is a good early pick up, and in this case you probably want to max out B and ult to be able to chase enemies down as quickly as possible. Stutterstepping with her is great because of her perk, and you can use your B whenever required to reposition yourself.

I also find she’s much better in 3v3 than in 5v5 atm.


Phinn has been meta jungler before with the SAW push comp. He and Churnwalker are more of support junglers. Flicker is really good into snowballing 2 squishies. Gwen is kinda going to the Vox Varya category but she’s not that bad. She was pretty good cp troll pick (as in very unreliable) when CP Baptiste was meta. Ringo is the worst example though. He has been meta for numerous patches especially in EA and is a really good jungler. Also I played him last week.

If that isn’t enough I’ll play each of those for you if you want. Just need a few days because of exams.

I’m talking right now, not in the whole VG history. Weren’t you VG silver? Just because you can make them work doesn’t mean they work, ive won with VoxPort, IdrisPort, RezaPort, Baron jungle, lance lane…

If I can make them work multiple times then it works no? I said it that way because I haven’t played Phinn recently. Ringo WAS good jungler before but what else can I give as an example? Is there any pro 3v3 leagues? Also I got the screenshot that way so you can see 10 days ago that’s basically when the reset was. On top of that I don’t play much right now so yeah it was POA and now I’m somewhere in VG bronze. Wasn’t lying though.

Here’s 2 silver accs though I haven’t played 3v3 on 1 of them last season I admit.
Again, give me a few days for my exams to pass and I’ll play each of those in ranked queue. Probably duoq as soloqers won’t really give me that I guess lol.