Is Kensei OP with Capacitor Plate?

I was wondering whether Kensei is still a good pick because of his recent nerf to his barrier, but with the new item Capacitor Plate is he better than before?

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Capacitor plate is extremely powerful.

If Kensei builds lifesteal and has his barrier than yes he is stronger than before and therefor gets banned almost every game…

I almost suspect an incoming hotfix to break Capacitor plate


He didn’t get banned one game, and destroyed everyone. I can’t play casual any more until he’s fixed. His nerf did nothing. :sob:

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Snap, he managed to sneak through ban last night and he was a nightmare, his barrier enables him to 3v1 if required.


It’s so broken lol. He completely shreds everything. Pair him with Kinetic and an Ardan (or a tanky enemy) and you might as well surrender from the start…

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Lel, lets hope no developer nerfs it

Throw in a Phinn with his B plus the new item buffs and you’re stuffed, same wil apply to Krul etc.


Basically every bruiser is crazy powerful with Capacitor Plate.

I played a captain Alpha in 3v3 with Capacitor Plate, Pulseweave, and Rook’s Decree, and 1v3d the enemy multiple times. It was insane. My damage was meh, but it didn’t matter.

What build is good on him? I have tried so many

Forget Kensei, try Lorelai. The barriers are insane.

Every bruiser is pretty strong with Capacitor Plate but the item itself is useful if you already have a ton of damage, because more damage = more lifesteal = more more lifesteal. If you are behind you can’t be expecting to just make a comeback because of having the item. If they have it and they are winning it becomes harder to make the comeback as well.

As for Kensei he is actually pretty balanced. Just like every other hero in the game now even if he does win the 1v1 against the enemy laner he still dies when he tries to 3v1 or 5v1 full health enemies, especially when they are fed (haha). My build is SSW BP PS Capacitor SH and boots. I am vulnerable to stun chains but I can at least 2v1 when I am fed :upside_down_face:.

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Thanks for the info and tips as well as the build. I feel like he will be OP once you or anyone learns to master him.

Loralai has a single very high cd barrier…
Kensei can almost spam his…

Yeah but it’s funny you drop your ult and a CP Baron Ult barely even scratches the Barrier. Rightly timed you can 1v5 a teamfight.