Is it worth coming back..?

Well hello there… few of you may remember me. Basically, an old player revisiting.

I haven’t touched the game since 3.5 or 3.6, not sure, it was around the time Anka the assasin came out and Sugarvenom left alongside with the lore being butchered ( a major turn-off that was ), plus all the shop exploding with all the colorful chests deals and cosmetic bonanza…But Nostalgia is a b**** so i’ve decided to check the game out once more.

So i’m asking the experienced players, is it worth coming back? Has the game changed for the better or for the worse?

Thanks for your time

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It’s worth coming back, it’s a game… play it and if you enjoy it - great, otherwise just uninstall and move to another free time killer. I would not recommend spending money on the game currently tho.


Depends on what made you stop playing


For me this and the last patch are really enjoyable. This one mainly because of me being able to go back to jungling. I don’t know what made you quit so I guess it might be different but I think this patch was pretty good. Next one coming soon (today if I am not wrong?) so I can’t talk about that. I guess no one can.

I would beg to differ. If you like Catherine you will love her dragon skin and be in love with her forever.

I was talking more about gameplay and not so much about skins, visuals etc. But even then I didn’t say anything negative. We just can’t know how next patch is gonna be yet. At some point like 3-4 patches ago I almost stopped playing for a few months and I had been playing for years at that point stopping only a few times for a week or two. So when I say I don’t think the current patch is bad I mean it haha. I am actually enjoying it now.

However there’s many things that need to change. Can’t lie about that. It’s nowhere near perfect. But at least for now it seems like game is doing a bit better than before. That’s my point of view though. Having fun isn’t something that’s the same for everyone. People might enjoy it currently even less (not even gonna mention the 3v3 people because they got screwed).

Anyway I do think the game is worth playing again.


You didn’t. Your post was fine. I was just making a little light-hearted and joking comment regarding something we do know about 4.0. Sorry if my post came across as saying you were being negative! Did you see the tweet showing Catherine’s effects in her new skin? :heart_eyes:

Nah I am not offended or anything. I just remembered that post about negativity in the community and I said I wouldn’t talk like that if there was no reason. That’s exactly what I wanted to do now. When I am happy with something they did I wanted to show it just like when they had terrible changes and decision.

And yeah that skin looks really good though I don’t really play Cath. I used to play some weird jungle Cath back in 3v3 though lol.

Thanks for your replies. I guess i’ll give it a shot.

Also can someone please tell me about current general / support META snd rotations, And what has changed since 3.5 strategy wise? Just some advice before jumping back in , would appreciate it very much

I mean, it’s really your decision. I have to say that I myself, after hearing that 3v3 casual has been removed, am thinking about ditching the game. I probably won’t though, it’s too much fun. So long as ranked is still there.

Support is probably the least-changed part of the game. The big changes for support are that you get less gold over time, and no ambient from jungle critters in 5v5 (you still do in 3v3 though), so the captain is generally more focused on the lanes, particularly the center lanes. Lots of people played it that way anyway, but some captains used to go with the jungler for invades, and that’s not nearly as practical now.

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