Is it possible for Samuel to beat Taka by himself?

Before anyone goes on a rant, I’ve gotten plenty of perfect games with Samuel, that being said I think it’s one of the most one sided fights of any hero match up. Especially at lvl 10+, he essentially dies vs Taka in under 3 seconds.
Does anyone have any good strats or ideas? I’ve stacked defense and tried to hit him while evading to no avail. Unless my team is backing me up, I always keep my distance from Taka every encounter.

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A competent Taka will beat a competent Samuel in a 1v1 most of the time.

Samuel is a mage and Taka is an assassin, specifically designed to kill squishy mages. Samuel’s job is to sustain, something he cannot do against a Taka applying Mortal Wounds.


unless you havee vision all around you, no. taka’s heal is aannoying, and since your main dmg is a skillshot, taka’s invis makes it much harder to deal dmg.

also taka is an assassin who should be aable to kill squishies ez

Samuel can 1v1 any hero except krul obviously

With FB Sam can smack Krul wym

Your best shot is to kite him in a tight jungle corridor with your As flying into his face. In the open you are screwed.

He can’t and frostburn is not an item you should be getting anw in that scenario. Dragons eye is a core item on samuel, spellfire should be picked at some point to help deal with krul and clockwork bm and eve are way better options for 3rd and 4th damage item.

Fair enough, but a good Sam with a gud cap should be aware of Krul and should play accordingly

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As a Samuel main, his weakness is dive comps. I’m usually in lane, but have done some jungle as well.

I usually pop DD backwards, then kite and pop boots if needed (Jb essential). He will chunk huge amount of health off anyone, so landing your M&V is very important.
Hopefully, your team will mop up for you (they usually do).
Good luck!

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