Is it only me? Discussion + Concept Art

I dont play VG alot anymore besides doing the Summer Key Events and occasionally playing BR.

The only thing i look forward toward is the upcoming patches with new content and not the gameplay.

Not a salty post but i just want to know what drives people to play Vg.

Heres a nice picture of Arden concept art i recently found

And Bay City? New map?

NetherWorld Fortress

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The game play drives me. It’s because technically, it’s possible to improve your mechanical skills on every game.

Other moba’s have a hero boost system that give the advantage to players with the higher stats.

So each duel, each match, each fight is a battle of mechanical skill, out playing, countering and game knowledge. It stays true to the original moba that started it all, dota all stars that I loved, with a few unique elements of its own, like stutter stepping.


Stutterstepping should be in every moba lol.
Gameplay is core I agree.

@RiseChu playing for summer keys still means grinding your ass of hahahhahahahahhaha

not when you have ur friends do half of the work for u :^)

It’s on and off for me. I realized yesterday that I’ve been playing for quests when I finished them all and didn’t know what to do with myself. But today I played a casual match just to play, and I loved the feeling of supporting and sacrificing myself for the team. That’s what I love about MOBAs, is playing a good support. Such a good feeling to watch your teammates survive and win and know you helped them do it.


The convenience of it and the ability to take the game serious. It’s quick and easy and use to be a game you could play competitively while having good gameplay. Like setting up my laptop and playing Overwatch, Awesomenauts, Injustice 2, or Rivals of aether isn’t hard either but VG is easier when I’m really bored and being lazy.

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