Is it me or the game?

I have been playing 3v3 ranked for some time now and after the summer season has started and my rank has lowered i have been grinding it up to T6 for 4 months because in literally every single game i play i either carry my team or i just get destroyed by other expierienced 3v3 players like me,so here is the problem:
Why do i have to play with people who do not know what they are doing or are T4/T5 making me lose double of what i normally gain from a ranked match (about 15-25) making it almost impossible to get back to where i were before…I try my best in everything:Captain/Jungle/Carry and i still lose because even though i have 4 years of game expierience i still cannot 3v1 due to obvious reasons…Is there any hope for me? Can i find normal players like there used to be in the old and glorious vainglory? Just give me an answer or a solution,i am going nuts with this current problem and what used to be my favorite game is becoming a frustating rage game.
Chapter 1:
I have realised this is nothing but the tip of an iceberg…after two days of glory and actual human and not a dead husk with no intelligence teammates i have finally reached the rank i have longed and wished for: Tier 7,The Hotness;Not gonna lie i felt like i could reach Tier 10 and assert my dominance like i once did, but i was wrong:The trolls came back once again,but this time stronger and even more toxic than before (for example one of the most recent ones has just kept teleporting back to base and criticising my gameplay,and guess what? he was a T5 while i was T7 and i literally fought for my life as a captain to keep my carry alive and push the enemy backwards) and i have absolutely no idea how i am still in T7 bronze,even though they troll and just afk i still fight and push them back,even if it costs my life, but everytime i get in a match and i see a troll,they use other techniques and make the game even worse…This might be just the start to a whole new world of trolls…I just hope not.

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The player base is too small for competent matchups + 3vs3 is balance mess… :frowning:

P.S. Hi and welcome! :skaarf:


I didn’t play the current patch , but I know alpha got buffed , so if somehow I wanted to smurf and want to rank up I would go alpha and invade early game , she was already strong and she got better .

Don’t fill for others if you play better than them , and I can’t tell if you play better than them because I didn’t see your games , but let’s assume you better , then don’t roam , play jungle , more wins means higher MMR which makes you lose less points and gain more .

The game is already bad for captains because it does weird match ups like if you are tier 10 captain you could match with a tier10 carry and your both teammates are t8s , so the game is in his/her advantage , not to mention the solo vs duo and trio , I think this is the only thing can stop me from winning in 3v3 , super coordinated teams that cc chain me to death .


Gotta party.

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If youre down send me your ign and ill party up with you


My IGN is Getrektson

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Thanks for the tips,i’ll try alpha,i always had her but i never did use her.

Not gonna lie,after i read your tips i won about 5-6 times now, and that is with or without a troll/noob team,thank you a lot! :smiley:


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