Is It Me Or (matchmaking)

Did matchmaking get more accurate this patch? For some reason since the patch almost every match I play pits me against actual difficult opponents. Mind I almost exclusively play aral or blitz nowadays, and everyone seems to be more evenly matched in mechanical gameplay, regardless of talent. I’m interested in seeing if this carries into ranked but or 3v3 but atm I am very happy in my matches so far.

Still about the same for me. About 10-20% of my matches are with teammates who are significantly (anywhere from 400+ lower to no points at all) below my point level, and another 5-10% are against trios in solo queue.

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Hmm. It may just be a casual mode thing but I no longer feel the discrepancy as much between myself and my teamates nor enemies. Gotta try it in ranked though

Nah, MM is still as terrible as always don’t worry.

Phew got me worried there

Yeah right? Do you imagine MM getting better? That would be scary.


I don’t know what you mean by evenly matched , I had a game in ARAL against a vg silver 3v3 player close to gold and I won , and another game against randoms and I couldn’t even fight them their damage was crazy and they were killing us behind turrets , so I have no idea what is evenly matched ARAL is very random you could get a bot in your team without knowing .