Is it me, or are players getting toxic?

Just a couple of words about me. I’ve played nearly every hero (excluding some new ones), however I’ve played on/off since the release of Blackfeather and once a year before he was even released. I have a history with Vainglory and feel that I can say this:

I’ve recently come out of a match as Adagio support (captain). I’m not great at captain because I can’t use my active items correctly, but I know how to generally play captain. I play a flawless game up to ~25 mins until my jungler trolls and goes afk and my laner decides to find a way to make me die. I can say I screwed up my jungler’s path because I aa’ed one jungle creep and she missed her wall-hop ability (Alpha). However it isn’t right that she goes afk-junglefarm when we get close to winning the game (we were literally at their vain crystal). Therefore the game continues to 30 mins, jungler afk, and laner baiting me to my own death. I leave the game at 30 mins because it’s a waste of my time at this point. (If I get banned for leaving, I’ll send this to SEMC. It’s unfair to someone when both of their teammates decides to troll them.)

I haven’t ever seen this bad of any player behavior since I’ve played. Maybe a couple of times, but never this aggressive. I play League of Legends, so I’m not unfamiliar with toxicity, however I’ve always loved Vainglory because how minimal toxicity is. Is this game seriously becoming toxic? Have any of you experienced anything this bad?

if this is 3v3, then it’s become a toxic hellhole. you’d think it’d be more ok since a lot migrated to 5v5 lol

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Some people are dirtbags and don’t play the game through. Those people may have been in a group and started to mess with you together. It happens sometimes and its sad.

Are you in SEA?

If so dont expect to much in soloQ

  1. Dang. I guess I’m moving over then haha
  2. I considered that. Kinda sucks
  3. NA. As the account I was playing on was level 9, I expected noobs lol

The game has always been toxic to an extent, but lately yes it’s gotten far worse.

I dunno, I’m finding it a lot less toxic then when I started playing, both in 3v3 and 5v5. That may just be because I am a better player, and there’s less toxics in the higher tiers, but I’m not sure. It’s not that uncommon that I see a sarcastic thumbs-up or starface, but the player will do it maybe once or twice in the match, not repeatedly, and definetly not as often as the :wutx3: I used to get.

Toxicity in 5v5 is Much much MUCH less than 3v3 pre and post release. I guess everyone is too busy with their stuff on a large map


I have experienced the exact opposite. Vainglory has made my tolerance for toxicity so great that i have yet to encounter anything “unfun” and toxic in League of Legends.

For a fair comparison, an afk in LOL and I wasn’t even phased, the player eventually started moving again after 5-10 minutes or so.

if that happened in Vainglory, it would be a shit storm. Now, hear me out. I have a plausible theory as to why this would be like this.

A normal LoL game is largely accepted that once one side starts snowballing, it’s no stopping it. There is a clear difference in heroes being OP and UP and hardcountered. So, players arn’t fussed when they’re winning or losing.

A vainglory game, however, is SO finely Balanced, that 1 afk is the difference between winning and losing, thus frustrations set in when a winnable game starts going in the other direction.

Players keep wanting balance in a game, but deep down, our reactions say otherwise.

Maybe you should switch to DotA instead of lol they do have the balance god

yeh i played DoTa for a long long time. for the life of me i can’t find the installation file… lol… i had the cracked version, no bugs, no nasty virus.

now i’m too scared to download. haha. and i tried dota 2. omg I can’t stand the graphics. and the controls.

but i do agree dota has balance and dota players have been there from the beginning… meaning they’re all hc gamers and less likely to tilt.

I suspect the majority of players who migrate over arn’t from dota (due to how devoted they are) and more likely from other moba’s like league of legends.

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