Is Idris broken?

Simple question. Just asking cause I can’t stop playing him (CP in particular), I’ve had some absolute destruction, and a high win rate. I felt this last patch already, and was pleasantly surprised when SEMC didn’t nerf him. I mean I do love playin him, but I don’t think anyone should be broken…

  • Yes, needs a nerf
  • Nah, Playable, but not OP

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I have no issues with him. As Gwen CP Kestrel WP Ozo and WP Glaive I smash through.

He is strong and viable but he has a weak early game.

He is the strongest CP autoattacker though.

Bruisers can handle him very well.

Idris is really good for me using WP, bottom lane. He is really good, but isn’t broken. Overall, he isn’t that hard to kill.

Cp idris is really strong in top/mid and hes one of my priority picks for my team. Is he op? Idk.


CP Idris in standard matches pretty OP.
Doesn’t matter if you go without defense.
Even in Brawl modes with his rare talent is too much, but it’s brawl so is irrelevant.
Everything in brawl modes is broken.

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In the right hands, with the right team, yeah, he’s pretty broken…

Keywords to tell if something is broken. If you have to have skill not just tap destroy it ain’t broken

IMO, he’s really strong atm, but not OP. His weak earlygame makes him stuggle against earlygame threats such as SAW, Gwen, Ringo, etc. If him and his team can make it into lategame, however, he’s an absolute monster, especially in soloQ where players tend to bunch up for some ez Chakram hits.

He’s not broken, just annoying to play against, because his weakness is another dive hero, like blackfeather.

Also like blackfeather, he can flex into Cp or wp, making him even more of a menace for any mage type hero.

Now here comes the controversial part: Players use Ranged heroes, because they are less likely to die from the dreadful lag while in game. This is the real reason why ranged is more popular than melee.

Which is why idris is a team killer. I used to love playing him, not so much now that I can’t even pull off a simple B, A, C combo due to lag. Idris was my bread and butter hero, I would never mess up a combo with him…

These days, I’m lucky to land any ability at all, let alone chain them together…


He is mainly op in 3v3, but in 5v5 there are more ways to mess with him with ganks and such.

Talent wise yes he needs a nerf for his Rare talent

Most talents need a Nerf but they won’t be because it attracts whales


Talents need a buff, not a nerf.
playing like an OP god is pretty catchy.

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