Is Eve of Harvest a good buy now?

Now that Energy is valuble again, and eve was buffed, is it a good buy?

I don’t think so, depending on what heroes maybe, but in general no.


NGL, when I saw the title, I immediately thought of this instead of EoH …


I think it’s still a niche item. On Ozo maybe a nice pickup, sometimes for Reim, and in certain situations on some other Mages can use it too, but not really a priority.

It’s good for a first item on CP Skye (I always start her with 2 crystal bits though) She doesn’t have much energy problem, so it takes care of her until pretty late. With Halcyon Chargers she basically doesn’t need any other energy. I spam her abilities and don’t run out.

I might buy it early on Celeste too, but I used to buy it for her.

There are better items to buy first even on Skye.

I guess it depends on how soon you want to buy Halcyon Chargers. Skye needs the tier 2 battery by the time she builds a tier 3 item, and she needs to fire her forward barrage on every cool down to keep minion waves clear.

Its not the most energy hungry Hero, just dont spam every ability you have. I usually dont buy HC until the 4th item, maybe later.

@Inktomi Frostburn every time. She’s one of the few heroes that didn’t get affected by the FB chnge a while back.

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I can deal with tier 1 battery even when I have 3 t3 items. She doesn’t need it. And Eve especially makes her do no damage as first item. Basically like every other mage with Eve first item.


Eve is REALLY good on varya since her perk allows her to heal alot.

AC then to DE then to Eve (if enemy doesn’t have shield) or BM if enemy has shield.

Its like Kinetic when Surpents Mask was broken on her but Varya is a lil tone down.

Varya is one of the few CP AA heros to have eve work effectively on her.

I’ve had good games with it on Lorelai too. She got hit hard by the energy nerf, and that brings her up to where she was. Generally when I play her as a laner, my job is to just hold a turret by myself and die slowly, and the healing really helps with that. It’s enough for her to clear lane quickly, and standing in her puddles it’s still enough to hurt. When we get to the team fight portion of the game, I get a surprising amount of healing from my A; players don’t see it (or forget that it’s there) and minions run through it. It’s not great for damage, but Lorelai is more about utility, especially in the late game.

I’ve tried it on support Lorelai too. There it’s more useful for the energy than anything. As support, Lorelai usually only has room for one CP item, and the damage from EoH is pretty lacking in late game, but she still picks up healing from her stuns, and heroes and minions still run through her A at random. I’m not as ties to it for support, but she needs 2 energy items, and that’s 1.