Is Baptiste a sleeper in the meta?

Just curious.

Ive seen him in only coordinated parties and rarely in soloq and I wonder if he’s still in the situational spot since he isn’t versatile like Melon or Samuel.

Honestly Bap has been my go-to Leo counter for top lane and it seems to be working out.

My Ranked Matches stats

Also I have t10 mmr. If anyone wanted to know.

Baptiste has been picked a lot in MPL, and I see him a lot in ranked games in VG silver and gold, so not sure if is sleeper


I think he is effective with a party , you not going to benefit from his abilities in soloq , but there is more choices for top lane now , I would say other heroes better unless you have a party can play around him .

He is good in the right comps, and generally a solid top lane pick that is relevant the entire game. He just can’t really carry, and requires your team to follow up. This is why other top lane heroes even utility ones like Grace and Sen Feng see more play in solo Q. Especially because those heroes can do damage without buying any (many) damage items. Grace will be useful even if your team is not aware of what he is doing, and Sen Feng can not just hold lane, but win it.

If Baptiste had better base damage on his A, or high enough ratios to make building CP he would be worthwhile, but as it stands you pick him soleley for the B/Ult, and if your team can’t take advantage of that he does nothing.

Bappy seems to always be sleeper… I remember playing WP Bap before it was cool, and the Captiste build with Two boots and Echo