Is 3v3 ranx the most toxic gamemode right now?

It can be either, I have a terrible luck, or in EVERY ranked match in 3v3 there are instalockers and trolls who doesn’t let you enjoy the game. I have been playing straight for 3 hours and I always found the same scenario; saw/taka/Kensei instalocker, a jungled who never helps in teamfights and a Potato-captain( that’s why I played most of the matches as support). Also i can’t find Casual match on 3v3 to actually have some fun, is it dead? I hope I’m not the only one who loves this game mode and is getting rekt on every match because toxic people :frowning:

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I have found in na when not playing between 12-1:30am 3v3 is toxic sespool

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So sad that my favorite game mode is filled with this kind of people instead of 5v5, wich attracted the majority of players and people often know how to play and treat their teammates :pensive:

I really want to know why this happens…

3v3 allows 1 troll to make a difference for the worse in 5v5 a team can easily make up for it

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Maybe people have gotten so used to splitpushing that they forgot it isn’t possible in 3v3? Idk, my 3v3 rank has been decaying for the past 2 seasons tbh

Not possible backdooring is sometimes easier

This x a million. 5v5 is a more reliable less gambly mode. I can’t bring myself to play 3v3 anymore because I will get toxic idiots 90% of the time. In 5v5 I can just attack another lane and make a difference in 3v3 I feel stuck when a single enemy can hold a turret…

For me the most toxic moded are brawls, blitz in particular. 3v3 and 5v5 are equally toxic.

I prefere 3v3 over 5v5 as well and have been getting trolls in the few matches I played. If you’re on EU we can play some time if you like.
With the queue times being what they are I do feel like the mode is dying, so enjoy it while you can :frowning:

I played yesterday at 6pm and my god it was bad.

First match guy wants to play roam Vox (he was first pick), he reluctantly switched to lyra then just steals farm by building WP. He’s known to me so I was expecting it but I mean come on.

Second match I get a duo who plead to have lane as “I’m pro laner”. He proceeds to pick CP Vox into baron and grace they then decide Krul is a good idea into petal. He spends the entire game pinging that he needs help in lane to deal with baron, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact I’m not getting away from Grace or petal. After feeding for 12 minutes 0-9-1 he goes afk.

In short I’ve decided playin before 9pm is a waste of time, it’s a toxic hole and impossible to rank during before the watershed.

Haha, sounds like the Vox I was matched with the other day.
Poor guy was severely unhappy with my Baptiste roam pick, died five times in five minutes and proceeded to feed the rest of the match. Afterwards he adds me to tell me how this is his smurf and wining doesn’t matter, but if I play roam „for real“ for him the next game we were going to win. Told him to kiss my butt and that the last thing I was going to do is help him win. Which made him want to get matched against me to show me „the pro way“. And lo and behold he gets his wish only to end up getting rekt himself :s fun times.

The old “this is my smurf” crap, yet when you check them out on VGPro their stats are woeful break even winners. Who do they think they’re kidding.

:speak_no_evil: You’re psychic. Indeed he had an even 50,xx% winrate and 1000+ played matches.
For which I called him out, too, but he played it cool by simply ignoring that part of the conversation.

I can’t even find a match for 3v3 have tried it for 3 days now… They should just update trophies to show 5v5 rank…

3v3 doesn’t exist…

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Really? It’s all I play before 9 o’clock a I find 5v5 far to toxic when kids are awake.

I have just about the same waiting time for both. Many players left it but at the same time many still play it.

Waiting times are longer in my experience (4-5 minutes now) but I just can’t stand losing ground in 5v5 as I feel I could reach VG if avoid the toxic hours.

5v5 que time is much much less. Usually 4-6 min. Dodging is hell though…

Blitz is more toxic imo. If you have great karma and play blitz say goodbye to it…

For me 3v3 has pretty short queues most of the time.