IOS users help us

After this move by SEMC, would any IOS users be willing to claim the skin for me or others?

I am still unbelievably salty about this whole thing.

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Message me This text will be blurred

Anyone else? No response…


Finally iOS gets love! Though, being an Le skin, this feels really hollow in a sense. Lol

Wait so IOS users can claim the skin and keep it permanently? Any IOS users wanna help me out?

its really not that good of a skin, the ad was sick tho.

its a rare skin in quality and the backpack is ugly.

No one seems to be stepping up, even though I know a bunch of people have ios devices. Even if it is shit quality, it’s still LE, which is a huge sunlight boost. Ios users are just hoarding it. :confused:

not le. atm it is classified as legendary in the game

and giving away your password and mail address for this skin is kinda risky. try meeting with a friend in real life, so you can do that yourself. could also be a friend without a vg account.

I don’t mind. The people offering/I have asked here I’ve seen since the beginning of the forums. I trust them to not mess up my shit. Besides, I have no ice or glory to spend, plus I don’t have an account set up for in-app purchases so I’m not worried about it. There’s really no harm about it.

if you going to do it with someone go to this website and change the password after they done , just to make sure not to blame them for anything happens to your account in the future !

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Hey thanks for that, I never knew we could change our passwords. It never hurts to be safe.

The skin is temp access for ios, it’s atleast stated as such.

I’ll do it if someone still hasnt done it for you

I will help anyone who wants the skin. Just send me a dm
Also I don’t care about your account

Someone did it, but thanks for the offer!

Uhhhh I know it’s supposed to be an LE, but giving your acc to someone is pretty memey. Just saying. I can help you out, but trusting some random dude on the internet is funny.

Not exactly random. The person he did it with is pretty active on the forum and has his/her own account. Its not like he/she has a reason to do anything or take it, and being active on the forum, you can see their personality. If he/she did, could easily get screwed over.

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