Investment in leftovers

I just wanted to know if it is a wise choice to buy the license and copyright of a game (in short I wanted to own it) that has been abandoned, lost interests in but still being retained by a huge company like the case of the MOBA Heroes of Order and Chaos? After I have acquired it (in the case I have a team of passionate game developers), any chances that we could rise it back from the remnant of it’s old glorious past?

A couple of questions to think about:

  1. Can you afford to lose your entire investment if the resurrection of the game fails, which is far more likely than it succeeding, considering that it already failed once.

  2. Can you afford to devote the additional time and financial resources necessary to re-release the game? Even “passionate game developers” won’t work for free for long, if at all, because they need to eat and feed their families. And remember that there are ongoing costs beyond release, such as server expenses, CDN fees, PR and marketing, etc.