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Incredible Chest Luck


So I thought about maining Alpha… At the same time I was stunned by how awesome the skins of adagio are and smec knew exactly what to give me


This actually is pretty normal for an epic chest. Those are generous and worth it if you don’t own everything already.


To have every hero you’d need around 300k glory… Not everyone has that amount


I am an OG player from the android beta. I have reached the hero cap ages ago and only need to buy one for 8k every now and then…


Something similar happened to me like 2 years ago. I was playing celeste a lot cause she was on free rotation and then I opened a blue skin chest( I think it is called a rare chest) and got a celeste skin. It was as if SMEC told me “Now you better buy her”


The exact opposite happened to me. Never even considered heroes like Samuel and BlackFeather until I was given the skins. They’re now my favourite heroes to use.

Meanwhile, my Main at the time, Baron - I had to eventually craft the skin myself. It’s weird how the chests work to make your least favourite hero, the one that challenges you to the point where you main them.

Fortunately for me, I really enjoy the challenge of Mastering a hero. Ozo is on my list. lol.


When I reach level 30, I was thinking about buying Alpha. I used the ICE to buy an epic chest and got her.

Well I opened the chests I got (from season ending) and got all junk. Sucks to be me.