Inara perk revealed on Vietnamese fb page

According to this post:
Inara gain a small vision around a treant and can jump right to treant’s locations.
If Inara kill a treant (why would she kill a tree idk lol) she will gain speed boost for 30s


Gold toad is never coming then lol


When they said she would have special interactions in jungle I was expecting more… not just vision.

Well what did you expect? I wasn’t expecting her to start teleporting to treants and summon them to battle and give her new buffs lol.

True, but I was expecting something different from just vision. Not interested at all for this hero for the moment (as the rest of the new heroes), I’m yet to see her abilities.

Moved to Broken Pipe, as it’s a leak rather than an official announcement …

Un-moved it. :ozo:

this is an official page, just in a different language. And I’m not sure why the American main page has a different caption for the same post.

I don’t use Facebook, as I think it’s basically a criminal organization – can you post a link to the English page also?

LOL you are funny but I agree.
And you here go
Viet page:

American main page:

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Lame I want a assassin that does true damage like saw where the damage is hp based

Saw doesn’t deal true damage…

What ever his ult does along with his Shank that makes the damage crazy I need an assassin like that also assassin has to look cool like taka

So… old BF. Anka does it with her passive.


Yes and also has to be sneaky

^-^ time to create a fan hero post

Aw dude a hero that has powers to fight with treants that woukd be dope. I mean they could of made it a perk where if shes near a treeant she heals or something and the treeants would fight for her and shiz

You’re thinking of executes. Anka, Blackfeather, and SAW have execute abilities that deal damage based on missing health.

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30 seconds movement is huge 3030

I guess it is a typo, maybe 3s? 30s is too much

It also said she jump to the treants location…that would be cool on jungle ganks and jungle fights…assuming that there is a treant when the figjt starts…

Vision on Treants is actually really valuable throughout the whole game. It’s a good perk