Inara guide? :)

I love how fast she is I somewhat like her cp burst don’t know who hits harder her or anka but anyway any tips for her

Also she kinda squishy and I mean really really squishy even with defense it feels weird and her ult jesus it’s nice I feel like I can outrun everyone

Well, most top tier players play her as a utility jungle, but in solo Q it may be better to run her damage if you aren’t super confident in your team’s carries, or just want to fill a more active role.

For general tip’s, remember to play around your abilities. She does really well poking and skirmishing with her A/B before committing. Her B often feels fairly weak, but it’s important to make note of it’s potential counter uses in any given game. For example Yates, and Grace B can be guaranteed to be avoided, and you can actually interrupt dashed like Lance, this is especially effective against Grumpjaw A and similar dashes. Also remember her A has really long range, you can poke melee heroes from out of range, and even hit people over walls.

Her ult is just amazing in almost any situations, just be sure to use it smartly as inara is pretty useless without it. Wp inara actually transitions really well into a split pusher as she is just about impossible to catch with your ult up.

For build paths you have a lot of options, like a lot, I don’t
think people appreciate the breadth of viable builds she has.

Full WP Burst: Sorrowblade, Tension Bow, Tornado Trigger, Reflex Block, Journey Boots, Spellsword, Aegis.

WP Bruiser: Serpents Mask, Breaking Point, Defense, Sorrowblade, Defense, Journey Boots. This build surprises me every time, her A especially stacks with BP and lifesteal really well.

Utility Invade: Stormguard Banner, Journey Boots, Stormcrown, Aftershock, Crucible, Atlas Pauldron, Rooks Decree.

CP Assasin: Spellfire, Shatterglass, Broken Myth, Clockwork, Slumbering Husk/Aegis, Journey Boots.

Utility: dragonblood, Curcible, journey boots are usually first 2 t3, after that you can fill any utility needs your team has.


Thank you bro I’m finna try her out rn