Inara: Builds, Playstyle Tips, and Discussion

“Huh, I thought this would be harder.”

Welcome to the forum-built introduction to Inara, part of our #guides series! If you’re new to Inara and would like an overview, you’re in the right place! You’ll find builds, playstyle tips, and other resources by clicking the links below.


If you’d like to contribute, please do! These posts are wikis that forum members can edit. Post your builds and playstyle tips! But don’t make it too detailed. The goal is a quick, easy-to-browse overview for players who are new to this hero. You may want to check out our other hero #guides for examples!

This thread is also for discussion, so feel free to reply with comments and questions about Inara and the builds and tips posted here.

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Inara Builds

Tank Inara (:vgroles_jungle: )

:vgitem_stormcrown: :vgitem_journeyboots: :vgitem_aftershock: :vgitem_pulseweave:

:vgitem_crucible: :vgitem_aegis: :vgitem_fountainofrenewal:

This build is best for ganking...

This Inara build is best for ganking really. You need to really take advantage of her ultimate as her single target damage and CC is very good at the expense of her team fight sustainability/front line capabilities. If you fight head on with her you’re likely going to lose, so it’s best to have you and a damage carry ambush a squishy with her ultimate, quickly retreat and continue fighting from there.

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

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Inara Playstyle Tips

Inara is fantastic in the early game due to her jungle presence. Take advantage of that by constantly looking for jungle invades and stealing treants which you can use to gi e your laners some extra farm by allowing them to take buffs you would otherwise wanna take early on. You can safely hide in a far away bush without having to place cams which can signal your presence. This can severely hurt the enemy jungler by lowering their experience and gold gain early on while you can quickly start ganking once you build your Stormcrown (She also has a high move speed with her perk, so she is very slippery to boot)

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

Get used to using her ultimate a lot! It is honestly one of the best abilities if not the best in terms of utility and has SEVERAL uses. It can save allies by granting that huge move speed buff to escape chases, re-engage to quickly burst someone down, or easily ambush the enemy team to get a team fight quickly in your favor. You can even use it to just get to an area of importance as soon as possible thanks to its low CD .

added by @NinjaBryden, update 4.2

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Other Inara Resources

Concept Art - Default
Concept Art - Nightblade Inara
Voice Lines

Official Hero Spotlight:

@NinjaBryden That build and the tips look interesting, thanks for adding them! What kind of comps do you think Inara does best in? It almost feels like she wants at least one really strong early game laner on her team to help pull enemy focus away from your invades or ganks.

Fort is a great captain with her. She mostly resonates with high mobility heroes movespeed-wise like Ringo and Gwen, keeping them stuck on the enemy laner easily. She can also dive turrets with relative ease due to her speed. Burst comps in general are great with Inara whether or not you can also fit in Fort.

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