In-game encounter

@hazeleyes I wanted to actually say hello but I didnt get a chance really. Sorry for being so bad, I swear Rona’s one of my worst heroes. :sweat_smile:

I think you’re like the third forumer I’ve ever seen outside the forums and it’s always so shocking for some reason. Like, we all play Vainglory after all.

Also, I’m jealous of your Fortress skin. Very nice. :ok_hand:


I remember when I instalocked Silvernail in a casual match my first time playing him and got paired with @HipsterSkaarf as Tony. Not too sure if he remembers though.

Lol, no worries! We got a really bad comp, and that Flicker going AFK sure didn’t help our chances!

Fun playing with you! I forgot to add you after the match, so I’ll send you a request. (You can ignore it if you want. Lol)

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Hehehe , well from what I remember in my NA account I matched with @HipsterSkaarf @PopcornOne @IratePirate , my EU account @Glowarm .

That’s just from ranked and what I remember from long time ago , I think blitz and battle royal matched me with more people I don’t remember , and by the way I lost the games when the forumers in my team and won them when they were in the enemy team, Iam not saying boosted but that what happened hehehe .

lol I don’t remember this at all. But I’ve played Tony all of, like, 5 times ever, so this was a rare game indeed.


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