In Game Communication and Pings

Yo, just want to put this up to address the 2.12 update in-game communication and pings. Is there anything you like or dislike? Share to us your ideas for players to communicate better (exclude discord/voice chat).

I personally would like to see them add some sort of a defense ping, like “Defend Base/Turrets”.

The map is so huge and there’s a lot going on, especially during team fights, that you tend to forget looking at the mini-map not knowing that the minions are already chopping down your Vain Crystal.

Anyway, what else do you think would make the game much easier, in terms of communicating through pings?

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I think they took a step in the right direction with the pings they just added. They’re getting more specific, which is good. Now you have a better chance of being understood when you’re trying to get your team to do something/go somewhere, instead of just frustratedly spamming the caution or target pings.

I don’t really like the way the emoji things are placed, but I think I’ll get used to it. It’ll just take a bit of adjusting to recognize I’m hitting free cam instead of the faces.

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I think the ping threshold has to go up - I need more pings in a short time to be able to communicate more effectively.

I would also love to be able to have contextual pings ie I drag “take objective” to one of their turrets on the minimap and it says “take enemy top turret”.


It does take awhile getting used to it, but having a bigger screen does help.
Agree with decreasing the cool down of the pings, but the drawback is other players might abuse it and start spamming which is quite annoying sometimes.

I hope they’ll add more final touches come 3.0.

i think on my 4th and 5th game, ever, of 5v5 I’m already encountering Rage Pingers.

Be careful what you wish for.

I’m more for meaningful communication over the ability to spam more in a short period of time.

"target ____ hero "… "defend the ____ lane " etc.

I would love the SMITE system of communication (surprisingly, SMITE had something good)
Basically, you select an initial ping and then choose other things to get more specific.
Attack -> Top Tower = Attack Top Tower!
Defend -> Ghostwing = Defend Ghostwing!
Rotate -> Bottom Lane = Rotate Bottom Lane!
Retreat -> Bot Jungle = Retreat from Bottom Jungle!


I liked it especially the asking for help social ping. My only frustration was how other players won’t even budge when I asked them for help.

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What do you expect? Do you get vision when you ping “we need vision” :koshkalaugh:

The “%hp and %energy” ping is toxic rn. I’ve met so many who spam that when they don’t get what they want.

Targeted pings would be great. I’d also like it if the hero deathtimers on the top were always on. So that we can tap those Icons with specific pings to make “Focus: SAW” “Caution: Krul” etc. It’s hard to ping THE HERO running around.

Zekent and Nimvett mentioned that they’re considering putting an in-game voice chat during the recent devstream.

I think having a built in in-game voice chat (not discord) is the best way forward in terms of 5v5 communication. It’ll make the gameplay better, your team can adjust and respond to situations much quicker. You just have to find good teammates who won’t rape your ears.


I played mostly captain roam and it is so suck and dumb when allies still shouted We Need Vision. This is so frustrating. Dont they bring their own cams?

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I dont know why SEMC fear the toxic voice and text chat. it will be easy to add a mute or ignore. They can child safe text chat too so even if people drop an F bomb or any other badword its ****.

I used to be against some forms of added communication - text chat and voice comms specifically. The issue to me then was that it was most obviously an outlet for toxicity - and besides what if your teammates don’t have those enabled?

Nowadays I still think that those will not be used well for a good while, but with some extra features (an alert that your teammate wants to voice chat, an indicator of whether said chat is on) it should be ok.

Will new pings and forms of communication be used for toxicity? Yes. Clearly. but you don’t need to have communications to be toxic. Just stealing farm and afking/feeding/trolling is pervasive enough. Toxic behavior won’t go away because we try to close our eyes to it. I’d rather focus on improving the game experience for people who are legitimately trying.

Increasing the ping cooldown is fine imho. If someone starts spamming it, then mute them. If its useful… thats your call.

To be frank though, most of the time people ignore pings. And when I say “most people” I mean the ones who need to listen. The ones who are competent don’t need pings to be told what to do most of the time. So a core issue imo is getting people to work with their teammates (including communications).