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In game chat


Soo I dont know where to post this but is the ingame chat working for all game modes? I use it but I feel like my teammates can’t see it.


It isn’t working to an extent, as a lot of users (primarily on iOS) who haven’t downloaded the hotfix aren’t able to see the in-game chat.


If you’re not on great karma, then probably your teammates’ chat settings are at default (will see msgs from players with great karma only) or probably they have the feature disabled.

I’ve felt this too, actually. I was the only one talking and talking and no response from my allies. So i just thought they’ve disabled chat or aren’t with great karma…sad for them. :rofl:


Oh is this confirmed?

MuSt bE 3o ChArAcTeRs


The great karma thing? Yes. But one may always change their settings. Basically, each player has the power whether they want to see other players’ chat or not. So no matter how much you chat, but chat is disabled for others, they won’t see your messages. :slight_smile: