In case of apocalypse

i was making a story and uhh

bro, it's storytime

just the worldbuilding:
set in a dystopian Earth where the majority of the world’s population has been wiped out. what actually wiped it out is a secret and no one knows but they assume it was a large disease tornado thing.
most of humanity ends up on the same continent because of this and so they all try and decide what to do with the remains of the decimated world.
5 churches (religions) are created and every other religion is abolished. The gods of these actually show themselves sometimes, and they get their churches to make holy cheerleader squads to help them win the battle of the gods in another, smaller, plane of existence.

to create the religions i made the gods around to the answer to the question: What would I do if I survived the apocalypse?
me and my collective minds came up with 5 answers

  1. Evolution
    use the remains of technology and knowledge to create the world, but better than it was before.
  2. Destruction
    the apocalypse was meant to be the end. Destroy everything, and everyone, and once you have succeeded, destroy yourselves, completing what should of been
  3. Dream
    Sleep it off. Wait for someone else to deal with this mess be it aliens, gods, magic or new lifeforms.
  4. Emotion
    give in to desire, or depression and whatnot. Resign yourself to a life of happiness, or sadness, or lust, or hatred. the end is coming so let yourself be free to experience as much pleasure or displeasure that you can perceive in the remains of the world
  5. Deceit (denial)
    the apocalypse never happened and everyone is tricking you. find out what really happened. :wink:

please vote which you would beleive so i can gauge realistic popularity for the story

  • Evolution
  • Destruction
  • Dreams
  • Emotion
  • Deceit

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also, are there any other options that you guys would believe to exist? also i have some pictures of the gods i might post later (once i finish them). also is anyone able to phrase the emotions one more eloquently

thank you for reading and voting if you did, if you did not :pouting_cat:


@HipsterSkaarf is an anti vaxxer confirmed?

here are some of the gods

He has cool bone wings

One of his pranks is that he is also known as the God of Denial but only to other gods. He is currently denying that his peasant hood look doesn’t look good. Another prank is that he wears his face (the one with eyebrows) over his mask but no-one knows that.

Cutest one. Has no feet so he floats around on the pillow. The golden tongless bell creates silence when it is rung so he can sleep. Although the people of the churches all get along usually, no one really likes the Dreamers (haven’t come up with a cult name) because their religion is waiting for someone else to deal with their problems :^) also that black thing to the upper right with inside teeth are his eyes, so don’t wake him up

These are my first drawings of the finalised designs so they are not the best (and still not sure about the design of Deceit) so feedback would be nice

Also the amount of people who want to destroy the world is a bit concerning and i thought emotions/freedom would be more popular, it will have to be anyway because it is the goal of the story :^^)))


Nooooo!!! :sunny_sad_3: I picked number five because if you take a skeptical approach, you have to use the remaining tech and knowledge (1) to determine if the apocalypse was meant to happen/inevitable (2), and searching for the truth is a kind of self-satisfying exercise (4), which will have to contend with the temptation to just give up (3). It’s the best story of all of them!

(They could all be good, actually, but any of the stories you tell should have elements or characters that embody the others :kraken_happy_t1: )


your last sentence is confusing me. Would it mean the same if you replaced ‘the others’ with ‘them all’?

your reasons for choosing to be ignorant are quite good :eyes: i hadn’t thought of them, i just assumed that people who were very scared or pretentious would deny the apocalypse as a coping mechanism.

and I shall try to include the perspective of each religion into my story. Maybe i shall write from different characters/gods perspectives as an exercise.

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I was originally Team Destruction :flushed: but I thought that was kinda basic so I went with my seconds favorite. I would go back to Destruction if it brings a twist besides the whole point of clique of just destroying a world for said overused reason…

Hopefully I didnt confuse anyone with my blurb.

TYou would turn your back on what you believe so that you do not seem basic ? :scream_cat:

The people in Destruction should believe that the apocalypse was meant to be and should be the end, but really, anyone who just wants to achieve the same goal would accept the thicc pig as their lord :kissing_cat:

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Yea lemme just delete my original post since It was wacky.

I didnt turn my back on destruction but I just don’t believe that “The apocalypse was meant to be and should have been the end” reasoning.

Why should it been the end? Was there a reason why people thought it was the end. The something just came and wiped alot of people out of existence soo.

Im getting confused so Imma step down from here :potoo:

oh it wasn’t a group that originally did it, more like a natural disaster. The followers of destruction worship the slug with bone wings because the actually apocalypse has already dissipated

i hope i am not confusing you :crying_cat_face:

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I don’t think emotions is a path or option , it’s a phase , you deal with your emotions and you could after that consider it a lie or complete the destruction or be postitve and build the world or wait for someone to save it .

I think destruction doesn’t make sense because there are survivors , if it’s the end it should happened without us ending it .
I think deny and wait for someone to save it are close they both have mysterious results if you take the path .
Building the world is reasonable and it should be the right thing to do .

The emotion one is for people who can’t deal with the trauma (or pleasure?) of a broken, new world, so they give in to their emotions and live with more wild intensity that thoughts.
Denial and dreaming are both quite similar because they are both ways to avoid dealing with the problem, but one does not recognise that there is a problem at all
The people who believe in destruction are the people who believe that it should of been the end. Clearly you believe that it shouldn’t :eyes:

Your opinions really are just the thought processes that someone in the story should be going through if they were to join the evolution/ascension cult, because you believe that the best way to deal with a problem is to accept it, and use the chances it gives you to become better.
It might be hard for everyone to see but there is a positive perspective to all of these Churches, as well as a negative one.

If the end something not forced then we can end the world any time , like what stops the world from starting a nuclear war and end it .if there is survivors then the world not meant to end but to continue , what made animals and plants extinct or survive is their ability to adapt , if humans can’t adapt the new situation they going to extinct.

You actually reminded me of a movie , the sun dying and humans in danger , so they decided to do something to the sun to make it survive , but the first ship they sent to the sun failed and they don’t know why so they sent another one , long story short , they found the old ship and found a burnt human inside it and he was screaming , it’s the end of the world donot stop it , he made the mission fail because he believed it’s the end and should happen , if it’s the end and should happen humans shouldn’t find a fix , the sun should die and they die , forcing the end doesn’t make any sense .

I like evolution if it goes the route of like “scraping together what we can use to build a really janky but badass faction that will either destroy or consume you.”

Not bad guys per se, more like “morally ambiguous with with a strong sense of loyalty for their own and a penchant for self-preservation at any cost.”

i was thinking ‘lets use all the remains that we can find to rebuild the world, and humanity, better than before’

the second name for the evolution cult is ascension because they want to try and improve upon the failure of the last world and it will be easier with a smaller population. they are going to be more hard and cold and replace emotions with logic

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