Improvements to the Events

The events in Vainglory are very lackluster. When you think of events you should get excited for them because they only happen so often and it’s an exciting new thing that’s happening or a limited time thing that’s happening. But in VG I don’t feel that same excitement and I believe it’s because of how underwhelming and short the events are. So I’m suggesting a few changes anyone that will make the events feel more unique, exciting and lasting.

So this is probably gonna be the controversial but I think it could really spice up the events. So instead of just having brawl modes what if we had brawl modes that revovled around the current event. This would mean there would only be one brawl available at the time and the event would revovle around that brawl mode whether it be blitz, BR, or that seasonal brawl I forgot the name of, the event could have something based off of how many wins, or a checklist of kills, points, turrets destroyed, minions killed etc.

But I don’t think these events should be exclusive to brawl modes, there could also be 5v5 and 3v3 modes that are made more casual by having everyone be full lvled up and have enough gold to buy whatever they want, or you could add talents to 3v3/5v5, or have the kraken or black claw come down the lanes every 2 mins or so and so one with other crazy ideas. I Just to clarify I don’t want them to replace 5v5 or 3v3 with these events like I do with brawl modes.

The reason I suggest replacing the brawl modes with event modes is because I don’t want to have the ques be more divided then they already are. But I understand that there are more people that play these mods seriously so it would ultimately be something SEMC have to test.

I believe these events could last 5 days to complete the challenge, checklist , or whatever but the modes itself would last the whole time until their is a new event because I do want those players who play these brawl modes to still have these modes ofc. I just believe having these events tie in with brawl modes would be an interesting way to make events more exciting.

I still believe we should have prior knowledge of the events before they begin, it sucks when you decide to not play VG for a day or two and miss out on the limited time you have to complete these events.

I personally also dislike the events with leaderboards that are exclusive to a few people. Not everyone has a crazy amount of time to become the top 50 and then there’s also the fact that there can only be a top 50 so not everyone gets a chance at these rewards. And feels divisive and makes you lose drive to play the game when you can’t earn anything because of your living scenario or out the fact that you just don’t want to be playing one game 8 hours a day for 3 days just to get some reward.

So ultimately my suggestion is to make events based on modes that are designed to be more hectic, fun and give players more time and knowledge of the events before hand. I really do think SEMC should at least try this method out to see how the community reacts on it, having a survey and giving players reward for answering the survey. I like the idea of the events but the lacking and discouraging at times so I want to improve them.

  • I don’t like these ideas and I like the way events are handled now.
  • I agree and disagree with some of this but I do believe events need improvements so I’m for SEMC trying it
  • I like all of this SEMC should make it happen.

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most, if not all recent event doesn’t cater casual players and have a very short duration.

that’s the problem, imo…

leave battle royale alone!


Have events like league where you do something like win a game or play a game where you placed x amount of wards or something

good suggestions. I just wonder if more creative idea’s would get things moving better.

I like the idea of creating a map for an event and having all sorts of crazy fun things to do.

Get creative. As long as they keep the goal of getting players active as their main focus, the events should improve over time.

They also have a secondary focus, which is to earn money, and that is when controversy sets in. Hopefully they get the balance right and don’t offend too many players in the upcoming events.


It wouldn’t get rid of BR just make it an event. But I know some people only play those mods so I’m not gonna argue, like I said I think it should be tested out and see how the community reacts.

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Just a quick note to say I moved this topic to try to get it more visibility (and more voters) …

taking away game modes is a bad idea.

you can only do that with new game modes that are labelled as temporary from the start, otherwise you risk losing players.

what events actually need:

  • an event planer for every update in the update notes
  • a countdown ingame starting 2 days before an update
  • enough time for casual players to get the main reward of the event and some way for really grindy players to get a bit more (like a checklist with 5 “casual” tasks keeping players with limited time in mind, 5 buyable tasks to give some variety to those whith money (this could also just act as a really good deal with the benefit of helping you clear the list), 5 “grinder” challenges that take more time but have a better individual reward. you can do all 15, but you only need 5 to get the summer key)
  • no events that include competition between players aside from asking to win games.
  • no events for ice only (the new hero checklist are included here)
  • no events with a buy in
  • no events that you could lose (like the ride or die or battleground events). these are very frustrating or only really doable with a team. instead, semc could give out chests as extra rewards for all events that may include one of the current special skins
  • an in game sign to the skins only available in events in the market, so no one gets confused over them.
  • a clear timeframe on when these skins are starting to be sold for ice/opals