IMO FoR is still your friend

I’ve seen a trend both here and in game, of people trying to suggest that defense items in their entirety are a waste of time in 5v5. Now I’m not a numbers cruncher, and I’ll leave it to others to figure out when I should build an Aegis and against which CP items, but FoR IMO is still a must have.

I have played a few games where neither team’s Captain/roam/suppport had a FoR by mid game, and lucky for my allies they had me on their team. As team fights become more prevalent in the mid game into late, which team do you think wins a 4v4 or 5v5 encounter? The one with or without the FoR?

The FoR is also good IMO for your 1v1 lane matchups. (again mid game) Heroes that excel in bursting or poking you out of the lane can easily overcommit to trying to finish you, you fountain and finish them, especially if you’ve traded before, they just don’t expect you to suddenly have the heal even if they’ve seen it in your inventory.

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Fountain over aegis sure.

Nobody is arguing against fountain.we are arguing about all other utility… Fountain and crucible are okay still the rest is junk…

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In my last SEVERAL games I’ve been either the only or the only other player with a FoR. Not sure what “rank” the system has me in but it’s nuts.

I mean, on a Cap, a fountain will always be necessary. Crucible is more relevant than ever in 5v5 with ll that CC, but with the recent defence nerfs, for most Hyper carries, it’s not even helpful to buy an aegis anymore unless you want it to block 1v1 CC (like when you’re up against something like a Baptiste in your lane). I currently much prefer buying Slumbering Husk, but maybe that’s just cause I play a lot of Gwen, who’s B is basically a reflex block.

I think people should really consider using backline, long range mages as a second fountain holder and the jungler as a second crucible carrier. Both Skaarf and CP Baron played at max range with a 4 hero frontline could get away without a RB. I know it’s heresy to say that, but if all 5 heroes are at 50% health then fountain would heal for 1500 total team health. That just seems too good to pass up. Crucible with its buff in 2.10 going from a 1-second block to 1.5-second block really should be getting stacked. A teamwide 3-second stun block with carries running aegis bringing the total to 4.5 seconds seems to justify running at least 2 crucibles.

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Agreed, does seem to be a push to discredit defence items. I’ll still buy an Aegis, it’s needed to avoid CC of which 5v5 has more but items like MJ seem a waste of time, they offer nothing but base shield / armour stats.

i see fountain in almost every captain…

I must be in lower tiered games :slight_smile:

I hypothesized about this on the old forums ages ago.
When most of the team builds some utility the captain can get a ton of damage and there will be captain utility in several hero kits.
Wp grace, CP Lyra, cooldown Glaive, CP lane adagio.
We don’t need captains we need captain utility!

Why not a crucible over aegis? Provides a team wide block.

After thread Everyone buys FoR. I could honestly see it. FoR was made for 3v3 if everyone on the team bought it and reduce affects in total it’s still gonna be useful, at least at it’s current state.

Aegis does provide shield and armour buffs. If I’m laning I’m not looking to block team wide abilites that’s my captains role, I’m to busy worrying about DMG and keeping myself alive.

What is a captain in 5v5? Also which lane? Midlaner should be raw damage I agree.

I’d still expect most captains to have crucible and Fountain. They’re too good not to build.