Images won't load


Basically what the title says. Forums work fine, background image loads, But neither the forums icon nor images in topics will load. It just shows the URL for the image, and if I click on it it gives me “image cannot be displayed”.


Are you on mobile, the app, or desktop ?





That’s odd. Maybe clear cookies, etc.

I have the problem a lot on my phone but never desktop and it doesn’t seem to be the forum side

Do all the words and formatting load correctly ? If not, it could be a network issue


The images are stored on Amazon S3 and we use the Amazon CloudFront CDN for performance. Maybe there’s an issue with your connection to Amazon’s network??


If that was the case, wouldn’t he not be able to see the forum background


The backgrounds are the only images NOT hosted on AWS, actually. :rbgwen:


How would I check that? I’m a bit useless with technology.