I'm getting real sick of this

For the most part I won’t complain about bad matchmaker, broken heroes or anything like that, but when half of the app is completely broken or inaccessible, I consider it completely unacceptable.

It started out with not being able to watch ads. It would tell me there were no ads available, even though I had never watched any and I could watch ads on my other device with VG. Fine, I can handle that. But now half the shop isn’t even THERE, the sunlight rewards are MIA, and I’m not allowed to buy heroes.

I didn’t get a screenshot of the hero thing, but I clicked Anka’s “buy” button and it told me to check my internet connection. Wtf?? I had JUST played a match perfectly fine 30 seconds ago.

I’m reinstalling right now as a last resort before submitting another bug ticket about this sort of thing. I really hope it’s just my device being funny after all the hotfixes and crap.

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It’s half back, it’s displaying my skins in reverse but now you can at least interact with the market and see your pass, but up there is no new sunlight event which is said to be scheduled for today…

So it’s not just me? I haven’t checked Twitter, but did they address this at all? It seems like a pretty big deal.

I just assumed they temporarily done something so they could add the new event but that obviously wasn’t it

Checked Twitter, it is in fact an everyone problem. VG still hasnt addressed it aside from a few replies telling people to submit tickets as far as I can see.

And I finished installing, but my tablet doesn’t have enough space to even open the app, despite it being the ONLY thing downloaded. So GG I guess.

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Yeah, the app is just broken. And I thought Surprise Birthday said they were going to improve the app experience? Yet it just gets worse.

Like 3 hotfixes after this update and I keep getting a black screen bug that doesn’t let me pick a hero after I accept a match?
Market broken, sometimes the app freezes while opening a free chest, spoils of war screen appears with a delay of like 5 or 10 seconds, random crashes that log you out of your account, UI is sometimes irresponsibe to taps…

Oh and I love this one that appeared with the new battle pass. So, have you seen how all the buy buttons are tap and hold so you don’t buy unwanted stuff by accident? Well this new Battle Pass is bugged so the claim reward buttons or the skip levels for 150 ice are triggered by just tapping, so the smallest touch can make you waste 150 ice. This has been acknowledged by the devs 3 months ago… And yet it still hasn’t been fixed.
EDIT: The Battle Pass bug is fixed, thanks to @Defendant for clarifying. However my point still stands since there are still tons of bugs, (some new, some longstanding, like… years old) that negatively affect the app experience like no other game I’ve ever seen.

Vg whiteknights say they’re just small things, and yeah but when all the small things are crap, they it forms a big pile of crap. Everything adds up, and to be honest the only good thing I can say about vainglory are the graphics and the touch control scheme. Anything else sucks big time.


Mine “triggered” when i completed the hardcore checklist and went to claim the last 2000. Broke my event page and sunlight page. Everything else seems to work.

@Defendant That’s how skins have always been displayed… what am I missing ?

Usually the skins you own would be darkened but now it’s reversed to the ones you don’t own are darkened, tiny detail I noticed

Damn I thought you were just flexing your collection on us. Weird bug though.

I’m not all that proud of my collection :pensive: too much money spent

mine is press and hold? note: it was a pain trying to capture the hold

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Oh, then it got fixed. That one was my bad then, thanks for clarifying!
I knew it was a bug but I wasn’t willing to risk it and see if it was fixed, I thought it wasn’t because claim rewards are just tap and tbh semc isn’t famous for prioritizing these kinds of bugs.

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Yes your connection has problem, ur game is fine bcause the latency is good, but your bandwidth to download temp file such as market content is questionable. i had same issue when dropped to 3g connection

this has been going on for ages hasnt it?

Similar stuff I think, but this volume of BS is new-ish. VG has more than its fair share of UI bugs but usually it’s just small stuff like buttons not responding or a shop page not loading or something

A few weeks ago (for an entirely different purpose), I used a packet sniffer to look at the communications between the VG client and SEMC’s servers. It was very interesting – rather than retrieving an individual file for the market, for example, there were myriad individual connections for each banner, box, chest, etc. I saw the same for the news, eSports, and community sections – it looked very much like the exchanges between a web server and a browser.

Seems like there’s a lot of opportunities for error when everything is being sent individually rather than as a single file.

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Delete apps data/cache to make room for the game install.

Factory reset and the thing still doesn’t have enough space for VG. It’s just how it be. I’m trading it in sometime this month, hopefully VG doesn’t bite it while I can’t play

Or download vg pc, late reply lol

I have it already, but it’s outdated and I suck at PC :weary: