I'm done with 3v3 seriously

I’m done with 3v3 I just can’t do it anymore. The pure stupidity I just faced made me have to sell my build and scout cam all up the lane to the 2nd turret just so we had half a chance. If you select to be a captain do not build full cp even Adagio should have at least one support item. Seriously if you say captain and have a carry instalock vox and someone hovering with taka cp for jungle Alpha cp is not what you should build. You also should not be in the jungle stealing the only chance I had to be relevant and gank. If your jungler can’t farm the jungle he cannot gank or teamfight. A level 4 taka is a toy when the enemy laners and jungler are already at 6


I’ve said in post before, 3v3 is WAY differnt from 5v5. Some people don’t see that, probably new players who mainly play 5v5. Also players shouldn’t start at tier 4. It used to mean something to me. Why are people stupid :frowning:

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I made many mistakes playing 5v5, because i always played with 3v3 rules. The unique tactic, strategy and rules in 3v3 when i applied in 5v5 was less efective. It has been more than 2 years I played VG and I prefer 3v3 to 5v5. Lol

What’s 3v3?

Oh wait i forgot we had that…

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I enjoy 3v3 being different but I keep getting a stream of WTF people when playing I don’t even lock in until the last 15 seconds

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