I'm actually impressed


I feel like I should win a prize or something. It was 12k+ when I tried to screenshot it and then it spiked again. The game completely stopped for 15 full seconds, though I could move around freely and the minions were sort of slingshotting forwards. I ended up miles away from where I started when I resumed and it probably looked like I was running in jerky circles to everyone else.


Joke aside, but the lags are real and getting worse.


I’ve noticed the same. Games dying how dying games die


Not trying to be contradictory, but I have not noticed server lag in a long time.

For a while I thought I was experiancing server lag, but it’s really just my internet at home. This was driven home to me recently when I stayed with a friend and had 60ms constantly without ever stuttering for 5 week (and I’m on the eastern side of the US). Vainglory is more prone to instability that other games if your wifi is poor, but I don’t think at least in my experience VG is the cause of the problem.


VG is never a problem for me except when my wifi is garbo. This was purely my side, but I’ve NEVER seen it this bad before. Worst I had before was like 7k ms or something like that.


I have 75Mbit/s gpon (optical network directly into my home and no active equipment between me and the server room of my ISP + their servers are like only 1.5km away) that never had a 1m of packet losts (even @ busy hours), not to talk about no internet. I also tested it on another 75Mbit/s gpon and 4g in 3 different locations. Also my router is far from the mainstream models you will find in most peoples home.

On 2 of those networks I had no problems before in VG (or rare I shoud say, desync is from 3vs3 times and now is just worse) and the 3rd was simply not available back in the time (current gpon). All 3 of them gives me no problems ANYWHERE and in any game - both on my phone and my PC. I am also working as sys admin so you can imagine that I know my stuff. The problem is on SEMC end for sure. EU region that is.