If you were Team Gwen, what was your reward?

I’m curious to see what our #bestteam got for their prize.

Team Sulky are welcome to post here, too.


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T3 Ringo on main and t3 Reim on smurf


I got essence. Guess that’s because I have unlocked all skins :frowning:

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Got Tier 3 Rona blueprint
Kinda happy it was L atleast doesnt matter skin/blueprint.

Got Santa mall reim. I was dreading that I would get some T2 crap skin like adagio so it felt good to get skin for a hero I use

Red Rona uwu

Because I need that red hair

Yeah, gotta say I’m not really a big fan of his giant top hat. At all. In fact it might be the worst skin I can immediately think of in VG.

You have something against top hats??


Oh you guys are kind of lucky.
I got dire wolf fortress ®.

Against Adagio wearing one, yes. Go home Baptiste.


And it has no special effects. I prefer the OG skin to this one, atleast there he looks good

I got kyudo Kestrel :confused:

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I’d have loved to have gotten that. I got Butterfly Celeste, which, I did want but I don’t really play Celeste, so…?

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epic flicker bp, I rarely use flicker… goddamit

I got Ice Cold (T3) Krul. Don’t really play him but at least it’s a legendary skin

Hors d’oeuvres Idris.

30 characters


I got only a winter war Kestrel

I got Moon Queen Lyra in green.

That’s my favorite of the three. :heart: Red is second, blue is third.

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I like Red more (goddess):wink: