If You Were In Vainglory, What Would Your Kit Look Like

If you were in Vainglory as a hero, what would be your passive, abilities, ult, and maybe some skins?
This is mine:


D4rkHydr4 is a very boring hero, attacking from range before finishing off entire teams with his Ult.

Passive: Sloth- D4rkHydr4 often gets bored, and will sometimes do half damage on basic attacks, and 75% damage on his abilities.

A: Mistap- D4rkHydr4 slips, throwing a magic bolt from his hand at the targeted direction while rolling away from that direction.

B: No U- D4rkHydr4 shouts a No u towards his opponents, causing them to be stunned and taking damage.

C: SEMF Unite- D4rkHydr4 calls down the Legions of SEMF, over running his opponents with noobs, stunning them as well as limiting vision.


Pre-SEMF D4rkHydr4


As a human? Or whatever your pfp is or name represents?

anything about yourself, ie personality, pfp, person

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Passive: Zero Motivation
While out of combat, ThePinkOtter closes themselves away from society and plays a gacha game (That’s not VG). Although it suffers from RNG in these games, at least they deliver on releasing their characters because WHERE IS MALENE. This gives it massive health regen, a boost in movement speed and causes its next instance of damage to stun for 1 second.

A: Discord is great
ThePinkOtter slides into an opponents DMs (or into their legs), sending random messages that confuse opponents, slowing enemies. This ability has no cooldown, instead it has an individual cooldown for each target. This ability can target minions, but they are to unintelligent to understand random shakespeare quotes, so it has no CC effect.

B: Voice chat cancer
ThePinkOtter begins to quote really bad lines from popular media and/or shouts out the name of every ability it uses like an idiot. This slows it momentarily, before emitting a short range pulse that deals CP damage and slows its enemies based on their current % HP. If their % HP is under 20%, they are feared instead.

C: Rest
ThePinkOtter suddenly falls asleep, magically creating a totally not broken hitbox on its body that strikes all enemies who are physically touching it. This does as much damage as a WP Skaarf mid does to my sanity, alongside knocking opponents that survived the attack in a random direction. Players who were killed by this ability are sent to the shadow realm instead.


Everything is depression and memes. What a one of a kind kit!

Hmmmm… based on personality huh… I’d probably be a Mechanic.

Passive: When standing still, automatically fixes (regen) any mech who touches him. ie: baron, skye, joule . Enemy Mechs recieve a rapid heavy decay in health if they touch him.

A : Throw spanner - 7 range with a very long 3 second stun. No effect on Mech heroes.
Overdrive: AOE stun effect upon hit on all heroes
B : Turbo - instantly speed up for 3 seconds, including Auto Attacks.
Overdrive: Also speeds up all nearby allies for 4 seconds
C : MultiFlare - The ultimate anti - stealth, flares above himself every 4 seconds for 20 seconds
Overdrive: Flares cause “blindness” which the enemy screen goes white for 3 seconds per flash.

Position: Tank jungler



Weapon is a shield with which he shield bashes slowly aoe damage scaling with incoming damage from the perk.

Perk: adrenal rage
Whenever anyone tries to hurt me big my adrenaline spikes and I feel no pain. Large amounts of damage over 10% max health just slide off me and are capped at 2% damage per hit. This effect only triggers when I use a skill. Shield is used to lower incoming damage.

A:Righteous protection
If you touch anyone who belongs to me or is dear to me I will step in asap. (Blink between hurt target and agressor taunting agressor to focus fire on me and keep my loved ones safe.

B:encyclopedic knowledge slam down.
Throws big words at the enemy causing stupify so they know longer know what they are doing. Auto attacks switch target at random just like skills and skillshots will lack focus and cause them to attack anyone at random even friendly fire enemies.

C Wrath of the almighty goes in prayer globally shielding all allies for 30% incoming damage afterwards they get healed for 20% missing health and rebuke enemy agressors (fear) in the opposite direction of where they are moving to. When in prayer perk kicks in.

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Frisk (Captain)

Perk: Determination

Frisk is filled with Determination.

Determination powers frisks abilities. It is gained by not attacking and also by energy regen.

A: Save. Frisk saves a target location, creating an aura of slow against enemies and slight healing to allies (can only have one active save at a time)

B: Load. Frisk loads a previous existing save, teleporting all entities to their most recent saved location

C: RESET: Can only be activated when frisk is below 20% max health. Frisk resets the timeline, fully healing all allies and himself.

Passive: L O V E. With every kill, you distance yourself. It becomes easier to harm others. Your determination regen slowly worsens but your wp and cp increase by 10% per lvl. Resetting removes all current LOVE

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It’s been so long since I played it. Fun game. Sans’ kit would be ultimate tho :wink:

Oh lord.

C: “you killed my brother”

meglovannia intensifies

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Pluck is a support hero.

Passive: Intensify - if a CC is done on an enemy around Pluck, the status will take effect for x0.5 longer.

A: Try Hard - Pluck tries his best to do as much damage as he can, but gets tired afterward. This would be a heavy damage ability, but Pluck would get slow for 1 second.

B: Precaution - Pluck makes sure that he have enough resources before his next fight. A small amount of health is recovered, and he gain speed for 0.5 seconds (if he’s not slowed from ability A).

C: Problem Solver - Pluck figures out all of the opponents weak points, and tell them to allies. The next attack of Pluck, and all of the allies around Pluck is a crit.


Nerd Pluck
Personal Trainer Pluck

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Role: Jungle
Class: Melee

Passive: Chi

Tiem uses Chi rather than energy that is replenished after every successful combo. Once it has reached its maximum, Tiem becomes empowered and gains .5 mobility and 30% passive incoming damage reduction. The buff can be extended through the completion of additional combos.

Tiem’s basic attacks and abilities deal reduced damage based on Chi; the lower the level, the less damage. At maximum Chi, all attacks generate 2% vampirism and reach base damage levels.

A: Combustion Fist

Tiem lunges to his target performing two swift basic attacks in rapid succession. Combustion Fist resets Thundercrack for a max of 1 time. He will also attack a nearby enemy with an additional basic attack (proximity increased through WP).

B: Thundercrack

Tiem dashes to a target and performs a rapid arc kick that deals AoE damage and reflects a portion of incoming damage. Thundercrack resets Combustion Fist for a maximum of 1 time.

C: Dimak

Tiem channels and performs a devasting body shot, causing a stun and a decaying slow. Dimak resets Combustion Fist and Thundercrack on hit. While channeling, Tiem emits a large area aura that grants him and his allies fortified health.


This is a FANTASTIC idea for a thread. I’ll be adding mine soon :smiley:


Hero: Justmike
Roll: lane/jungle
Melee range hero

Passive: Overly Confident
Justmike is kind of a jerk who thinks too much of himself. Every time Justmike lands ‘Keyboard Warrior’ on an enemy hero he gains a stack of Confidence. Each stack of confidence increases the damage of Keyboard Warrior by 2%. Stacks are lost when missing keyboard warrior or upon death. Stacks max out at 10.

A: Keyboard Warrior
Justmike pulls out his keyboard and cleaves in a 120 degrees radius in front of him for basic atk dmg, resetting basic attacks. If 2 or more heroes are hit the CD is reduced by 50%. Overdrive makes the cleave 180 degrees. Applies 1 stack of Confidence for each hero hit.

B: Verbal beatdown
Justmike opens his mouth and shouts logical arguments in a target direction. The first hero hit has their ego reduced, slowing their atk and move speed by 20% for 1.5 Seconds. Verbal beatdown grants 2 stacks of confidence. Overdrive increases the de-buff duration to 2 seconds.

C: Logical Fallacy
Activate Logical Fallacy to place Justmike into stasis for 2 seconds. Justmike can not act or take damage while in stasis, and skill shots pass through him. Requires 10 stacks of confidence to cast Logical Fallacy. Re-activating Logical Fallacy while in stasis will remove stasis but increases the cooldown duration by 50%


Lazy, filthy, brilliant.

Role: Flex

Heroic perk: Toxic Whenever an enemy hero attacks NishYou they gain a stack of Toxic for each second they deal damage. Each Toxic stack reduces healing/health buffs gained by the target from any source by 8%. Stacks fall off after a period of 3 seconds from the time you last dealt NishYou any damage, one stack per second. The stacks are fully removed if the distance between the target and NishYou is large. Toxic can stack twice on heroes(Max number of stacks is increased by 1 whenever NishYou overdrivess one of his abilities)
For every defensive Item on NishYou, his ability base cooldowns are increased by 8%.

A: Sludge Bomb NishYou throws a slower than usual short ranged empowered basic attack towards the selected target, this target is marked as Infected(Excluding structures/Mythics). Infected targets take 30% less damage from NishYou’s abilities and are slowed by 35%. Infected status duration scales with the A skill(1.0-1.5-2.0-2.0-3.0). If the target is killed while infected, they explode on death dealing AoE damage. The area of the map affected by the blast will slow enemy heroes moving through it by 30% and deal a DoT to them(less effective on lane minions). Standing on this area also applies Toxic stacks per second. The duration of this debuffing zone scales with A skill(2-2-2.5-2.5-3.5)
Targets with Max Toxic stacks hit by Sludge bomb heals NishYou for a portion of damage dealt

B: Fickle Traps NishYou’s B is a moderate cooldown trick skill shot. On activation, NishYou can target a small area in his range to set up a Fickle trap. NishYou can tap upto 3 times during the cast. The 1st one will be the trap while the others are fakes. After a short delay, the trap activates and stuns and Infects the enemies caught within.
i) The non-Toxic or partially Toxic enemies will be shown hitboxes of all the traps at the same time based on how many traps were placed by NishYou during cast.
ii) Targets with max Toxic stacks will not be shown the hitbox of the actual trap

Ult: Dirty tactics NishYou’s Ult is a skillshot with a relatively long cooldown. NishYou stretches his slimy arm in the target direction, the first hero hit is either:
i) If the target is not Toxic, they take some damage and are rooted in place for (1-1.5-2) seconds, enemies can opt to walk out of this root before it ends and choose to get Infeced and silenced for (2-3-4) seconds.
ii) If the target is Toxic, NishYou instantly swaps location with the target. The target is Infected and NishYou is rooted in spot for 1.5 seconds, he can opt to move out of it before it ends and choose cleansing the target of their Toxic and Infected status and gain a barrier that scales with the amount of Toxic stacks cleansed.

Edit: I had a lot of fun thinking this up while doing some homework at the same time. I’ve never tried Herocrafting(? :wink:) before. I might do just that in my spare time now… Any questions or tips are welcome.


Hero name: TConn
Role: Captain

Heroic Perk: Heck
When an enemy hero enters TConn’s immediate vicinity, their movement controls become inverted; they must tap right to move left, tap up to move down, etc.

TConn waves politely to a targeted enemy. The enemy, charmed by his courteous behavior, pauses to wave back and is briefly rooted.

B: O
TConn casts a large O at a targeted area, which disappears after a brief period of time. If any enemies remain inside the O when it disappears, they are stunned.

C: Ozo
TConn’s in game hero model turns into Ozo. While he is Ozo, he gains fortified health, but cannot deal damage and can only move via the use of Acrobounce, which temporarily replaces TConn’s regular abilities. If TConn is killed while he is Ozo, he returns to regular TConn form.


Hidden Perk: If Roam Kestrel is selected, the player is instantly killed when spawning

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Bob Ross

Role: Support

Damage Type: Melee

Passive: Endless Positivity
Bob Ross, not knowing sadness, inspires those around him with the power of the paintbrush. All allies within a small range of Bob are 50% immune to CC, allowing them to recover from that hefty stun in half the time to get back in the fight.

A: Happy Tree
Bob slams his paintbrush into the ground, planting a majestic tree. After a brief time, this tree will root all enemies around it for a short time, and will deal damage when it falls down shortly thereafter

Fall Damage at Level 5: 600 damage + 50% CP Ratio
Cooldown at Level 5: 10 seconds

B: Beating the Devil
Upon selecting an ally, Bob’s move speed matches his target and enemies who attack Bob’s target are automatically struck by his paintbrush in quick strikes, dealing fast but low damage.

Damage per second at Level 5: 100 damage + 10% CP Ratio
Duration: 5 seconds, can be cancelled.
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Ultimate: Friends for All
Believing that everyone needs a friend, Bob summons a squirrel for each allied hero on the map. These squirrels will follow Bob and his allies and slowly heal them until their time expires. Each squirrel can provide Endless Positivity. Each squirrel takes 3 hits to kill.

Healing per second: 100
Duration: 20 seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Probably super bloody OP, or super bloody UP. Never in-between. Bob works best with teams that aim to draw fights out as long as possible, and speedy heroes who he can use Beating the Devil on to speed alongside them.

I cannot do stats.


where is the Beat the Brush on the Stick attack?

That’s his B. When he cleans his brush on the easel leg he always says he is ‘beating the devil out of it’.